When does Sons of the Forest Early Access End?

When does Sons of the Forest Early Access End?
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The Sons of the Forest Early Access period will soon be arriving and those eager enough to play it will undoubtedly be experiencing all the thrills and chills that the numerous gameplay videos have presented so far.

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With the game’s early access release date closing in, however, fans of the survival horror title now want to know when it ends. Well, you’ll no longer have to worry because we’re here to answer that very question.

Here’s what we know about the duration of the game’s early access period.

Sons of the Forest Early Access Expected End Date

The developers have announced that Sons of the Forest’s early access period will last for around 6-8 months so this puts its end date vaguely between August to October.

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The long-awaited sequel to 2014’s The Forest was originally supposed to be released in August 2022. Endnight Games, however, were forced to delay it in order to polish the game further, citing February 23, 2023 as the supposed launch date.

During the beginning of February, the developers then put out a press release stating that instead of delaying the game again, they would instead release it as an early access title. This means that Sons of the Forest will most likely still be incomplete once it’s made available to the public. Nevertheless, the continued feedback of the community throughout its duration should make the game even better once it’s been fully launched.

Since it isn’t currently available on any consoles, the developers may be planning to announce it on other systems once we get closer to the release day itself. Unfortunately, it’s still currently unclear what platforms the game is going to be released on as the developers are yet to divulge any details regarding their future plans.