Will Sons of the Forest be on Xbox Game Pass?

Will Sons of the Forest be on Xbox Game Pass?
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Sons of the Forest, the highly anticipated follow-up entry to 2014’s The Forest, continues to grow in popularity as players continue to see more of its gameplay and detailed worldbuilding.

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Although purchasing this title outright is always an option for those that want to play it, Xbox Game Pass members naturally want to know beforehand if its coming to the popular subscription service. To help you find out whether you still need to purchase the game or not, we’ve written down all that we know about its availability on Microsoft’s service below.

Is Sons of the Forest going to be on Xbox Game Pass?

Unfortunately, Sons of the Forest will not be available on Xbox Game Pass once it’s been released. Since the game is only available on PC so far, making it available on the Microsoft subscription service wouldn’t make much sense as Xbox would have to be involved as well.

Most titles that are included with Game Pass on day one are typically Xbox exclusives like Hi-Fi Rush and Pentiment. Unfortunately, this game is not being launched on the Xbox at all, which may have been a determining factor in its omission from the service.

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However, there is still always a possibility that it may be introduced to Game Pass at some point in the future. Plenty of multiplayer titles, such as Dead by Daylight and 7 Days to Die, have already made their way to its extensive catalog, which means it could eventually happen.

If you’re looking to play it as soon as possible, you will have to purchase the full game on Steam. Players will be glad to know though, that the price is relatively affordable compared to other titles currently on the market.

Sons of the Forest Xbox Game Pass FAQs

What platforms will Sons of the Forest be on?

Sons of the Forest will only be available on PC at the time of writing.