Resident Evil Village will get The Winters’ Expansion DLC this October including Shadows of Rose

Resident Evil Village will get The Winters’ Expansion DLC this October including Shadows of Rose
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Capcom has announced that Resident Evil Village will be getting The Winters’ Expansion DLC this October.

The DLC will be made up of three major parts. Namely, a new story-based mini-campaign, a third person mode for the main game and an expansion to The Mercenaries mode. The third person camera is exactly as it sounds like, offering players the chance to play the whole campaign from over Ethan’s shoulder.

Meanwhile the new story campaign is called Shadows of Rose, and takes place sixteen years after the main campaign. You’re playing as Ethan’s daughter, Rose who’s manifested some odd powers since the whole being kidnapped thing. As you can probably expect, she wants rid of these, so she sets out to do so.

In an impressively ludicrous setup even for Resi standards, she has to go into the consciousness of the Megamycete – the sentient mould that’s been at the heart of the Winters’ story. There, she’ll enter a weird and twisted nightmare version of the world. You’ll have to use Rose’s powers to survive this nightmarish place and get the answers she’s after.

Finally, the expansion also adds The Mercenaries Additional Orders. This comprises of new stages and new playable characters, as well as “other improvements” to the action-based post-game mode. Joining the fray are Chris Redfield, the hammer-wielding Heisenberg and the nine foot tall Lady Dimitrescu.

The Winters Expansion DLC for Resident Evil Village will arrive on October 28, 2022. If you’ve not grabbed the game yet, the DLC will also be available as a bundle with the main game as Resident Evil Village Gold Edition on the same day. The presentation closed by declaring the long-delayed Resident Evil RE: Verse will also launch on the same day too.