Rainbow Six Siege Operation Solar Raid New Operator

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Rainbow Six Siege’s latest chapter called Operation Solar Raid will soon be gracing screens and consoles everywhere. The game’s most recent season brings in a number of new features which include new maps and crossplay availability among other things.

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Another prominent inclusion that the upcoming update contains is the new operator that’s going to be added into the game. If you want to learn about the latest character that Ubisoft has in store, you’ll be able to find out more below.

Who is the new operator in Rainbow Six Siege?

The new operator that will soon be included in the game’s roster of characters is a Defender named Solis. She can use either the P90 submachine gun or the ITA 12L shotgun as her primary weapon. Additionally, she carries the SMG-11 as her secondary and her generic gadgets include either a bulletproof camera or impact grenades. Finally, her unique gadget is the SPEC-IO Electric Sensor which allows her to see and identify the unique gadgets of Attacking operators.

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Solis will be unlockable through the Operation Solar Raid Battle Pass. She will also be made available for purchase for Renown or R6 Credits two weeks later according to Ubisoft’s announcement. In addition to the new operator, a new map called Nighthaven Labs will also be included in the game’s locations. Both crossplay and cross-progression will also be featured along with Ranked 2.0, a new Battle Pass progression system and many more.

Operation Solar Raid is now playable on the game’s PC test server. The new chapter will then fully launch on December 6, 2022 for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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