Is Rainbow Six Siege cross platform or crossplay? Solar Raid crossplay details

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Are you fond of playing tactical shooter games with intense firefighting scenes and tough enemies? Rainbow Six Siege could have everything you ever wanted! It has been a popular game across PC, Google Stadia, and Consoles – PlayStation and Xbox.

Playing a game with your buddies adds more thrill to the session, which is why gamers are more concerned about whether they can play Cross platform or Crossplay.

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Is Rainbow Six Siege cross platform?

With the upcoming Operation Solar Raid season, true cross platform and crossplay is coming to Rainbow Six Siege, via Ubisoft Connect.

Previously, players could play across platforms, but only within the same console family. For instance, a player on Xbox One could join and play the game with folks on Xbox Series X. Similarly, PS4 players could join and play with PS5 gamers. A PC player could share lobbies with gamers streaming on Stadia and Luna.

Is Rainbow Six Siege crossplay?

Rainbow Six Siege is better played with buddies, and the Crossplay feature will add more excitement to the game. Currently, Rainbow Six Siege supports Crossplay and cross-progression in similar console families. Moreover, you can also matchmake with other players on a similar platform family as you.

From December 2022, Crossplay will be available between Xbox and PlayStation consoles, which can take the game to new heights. The feature will allow you to matchmake with players streaming on different platforms.

Is Rainbow Six Siege cross platform between PC and Stadia?

The answer is YES! PC players can play with Stadia gamers as long as they are on a similar server. The news would make countless gamers excited as there are plenty of gamers using Stadia and PC and would be able to play with their buddies on either platform!

Is Rainbow Six Siege cross platform between PS4/PS5 and Xbox?

PlayStation 4/5 players can join in and play with folks on an Xbox. The setup would be no different than a Cross platform, meaning that if player A is streaming on a PS4, and player B is playing on an Xbox, they can play together in Multiplayer.

After the update, the game will also feature cross-progression, meaning any unlocked Operators, Renown, R6 Credits, Packs and more can all be used on every platform you play Rainbow Six Siege on.

Ubisoft has provided a handy table to explain what synchronises across which platforms over here.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, this should answer all your questions about Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay. It’s been a long time coming, but soon you’ll be able to play with friends no matter which format they play on.

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