PS5 players can get PS Plus 40% off for access to $7,500 worth of games

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Sony has an incredible catalog of games as part of their PlayStation subscription library. Many fans are still miffed about last year’s subscription price increase though, and this resulted in many cancellations. If you were part of the flood of cancellations, the good news is that PS5 players can get 12 months of PS Plus Extra 40% off for access to $7,500 worth of games. But, you must act fast to take advantage of this deal.

There is lots to look forward to this year for PlayStation loyalists. Yesterday’s State of Play 2024 event was a magnificent presentation that showcased some of the best PS5 games part of the release schedule for 2024. Stellar Blade looks incredible, Silent Hill 2 is still pegged for release sometime this year, and at the end of February comes Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. While these are games to anticipate, you can download the new Silent Hill The Short Message right now for free.

While there are many great games that will be released throughout the year, you must act quickly to take advantage of Sony’s generous PS Plus 40% off deal.

Get 40% off PS Plus Extra

PS5 players can get 41% off a 12-month PS Plus Extra subscription. There is also a deal for PS Plus Premium, but it is 33% off a 12-month subscription instead. Below are the prices while the deal is active:

  • PS Plus Extra 12 months – £58.99 (£99.99)
  •  PS Plus Premium 12 months – £80.39 (£119.99)

You must act fast to take advantage of these deals before they end on February 11th, 2024. Unfortunately, they only apply to PS5 players who are not currently subscribed to PS Plus.

For PS Plus Extra alone, Sony reportedly added 168 games throughout 2023 with a value of $7,459.59. As for PS Plus Premium, in 2023 the tier got 46 exclusive games worth $570.54, bringing its total value in 2023 alone to over $8,000 seeing as Premium also includes the games part of Extra and Essential.

If you plan to take advantage of the deal, we’d recommend subscribing to Premium because of the size of the discount. Not only does it give you access to PS1 and PS3 classics, but it also adds trials for some newly released games. But, whether you subscribe to Extra or Premium, make sure to turn off auto-renewal in the settings so you are not charged the full subscription fee in 2025.

In other gaming news, the first Fortnite festival guitar controllers have been revealed, meanwhile, Sonic x Shadow Generations was announced at State of Play.

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