Palworld Steam player numbers blast past MW3 in the game’s first few hours

Palworld Steam player numbers blast past MW3 in the game’s first few hours
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The Palworld Steam player numbers have largely settled, as the current count is sitting at around 334,059. At its peak, the hilariously violent ‘Pokémon with guns’ experience was able to reach 370,128 concurrent players. Despite its steadily dwindling number, the sheer amount of players enjoying Pocket Pair, Inc.’s satirical creation is still massive, considering it’s surpassed PUBG and Baldur’s Gate 3 as of writing.

ORIGINAL STORY FOLLOWS: Palworld, the ‘Pokemon with guns’ game that launched earlier today is already proving to be a (pocket) monster hit, with hundreds of thousands of players trying to log on to the game on Steam in its first few hours.

According to Steam DB, the Palworld player numbers currently stand at 366,507 and climbing as of 15:30 UK time on January 19th. That puts it as the fourth most popular played game on Steam right now, beating out some heavy hitters such as Grand Theft Auto V (currently on 171K), Baldur’s Gate 3 (144K) and even Call of Duty MW3 (97K players). While, of course, this only counts for Steam player numbers – it also doesn’t include Palworld’s potential figures on Xbox consoles, as well as on PC via the Xbox Store and, indeed, those playing the game on Xbox Game Pass.

A screen shot of the Palworld Steam charts showing the game's impressive numbers in its first few hours.

Presumably, that number is only set to grow as more people start accessing the game – though a number of players are struggling to create or join dedicated servers or playing with their friends. It’s also worth reminding that it is an early access game – which is evident by the number of players suffering technical issues for the game’s first weekend.

Still, it’s a good sign so far – and seems to imply the game’s pitch of Pokémon for grown-ups certainly has an audience. We’ll have to wait and see how its player numbers continue to change over the course of its first weekend.

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