Palworld confirms major feature coming in 2024 update

Palworld confirms major feature coming in 2024 update
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Palworld is in early development, which means the game isn’t complete. One aspect of it that was expected to arrive has just been confirmed for this year: PvP. The player vs. player (or more accurately Pal vs. Pal) feature was something many players were looking forward to, and it finally has an official ETA. Sometime this calendar year, you will be able to pit your strongest Pals against the mightiest that your friends have to offer.

Palworld PvP officially arriving this year

Palworld’s developers, PocketPair, had promised a lengthy roadmap. The game burst onto the scene and took the gaming world by storm for a little while, but many feared it would die out – potentially before it even got out of the early access and into a full version.

PocketPair intended to bring Palworld PvP on as part of the roadmap. It hasn’t quite yet come to fruition, but it is going to. By the end of the year (so within nine months), you will be able to take that Level 50 Anubis and see how it fares against your friend’s Level 50 Pals as well.

The PvP option doesn’t end there, though. Palworld players know well that your own personal avatar is also part of it. This creature-catching game makes you as much a part of it as the creatures, and you (with your armor and weapons) can battle it out alongside your Pals vs. other teams in the forthcoming Pal arena.

Palworld PvP: Eikthyrdeer attacks a Foxparks
Eikthyrdeer can make good fighters. Captured by VideoGamer

Palworld players have thus far only been able to see their own Pals take on enemies out in the wild. They’re untrained enemies, whether they’re people or Pals. If you have a strong enough Pal, they won’t have any trouble and you won’t have to manage your way to victory. The Pal Arena will change all of that and give everyone a brand new way to play.

Pals suddenly won’t just be for working or defending a base. They won’t be just for playing through the gameplay on Palpagos Island, either. You may now breed and train them to become warriors and take down other Pals.

This is another similarity to Pokemon, as most Pokémon games have tons of PvP for players to try. However, in a key difference, this arena will, as mentioned, let you take the fight to your enemy. This is instead of just instructing your creature to battle.

There’s not an official release date for this update yet. PocketPair also hasn’t stated if it will come to Steam first and Xbox later (though that is common practice). We will update you with more information once we have it.