Blizzard announces new Overwatch 2 hero named Mauga, three more to arrive in 2024

Blizzard announces new Overwatch 2 hero named Mauga, three more to arrive in 2024
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As part of Blizzcon 2023, Blizzard has announced a new Samoan Overwatch 2 hero named Mauga. Equipped with tribal tattoos, killer charisma, and two miniguns named Gunny and Cha-Cha, the latest Tank character can not only protect your team from would-be attackers but also mow down enemies with his deadly arsenal of abilities, which include skills such as Cardiac Overdrive, Cage Fight, and Overrun.

Keep in mind, though, that Mauga won’t immediately be available in the game, as the developers will only be releasing the Samoan hero in Season 8. Luckily, Overwatch 2 director Aaron Keller has revealed that you’ll be able to try him out this weekend following the BlizzCon opening ceremony. If you want to see more of him in action, though, check out the trailer below, showcasing all of his unique talents and personality.

In addition to the arrival of Mauga, the developers also announced that three more heroes will be introduced to the game in 2024, with two of them to be added in Season 10 and Season 12. These two characters will be a damage hero named Venture and a support codenamed Space Ranger, respectively, so there should be plenty to look forward to if you’ve been searching for more Overwatch 2 content.

Unfortunately, details on the third and final hero remain scarce at the time of writing. However, we do expect Blizzard to release more information the closer we get to the release date of both Venture and Space Ranger, so stay tuned. While you wait for these new characters to blast their way into the fray, check out our guides on the Overwatch 2 Season 7 battle pass, the best gaming mouse for Overwatch 2, and the best GPU for Overwatch 2.