No Man’s Sky teases ‘Frontiers’ update to celebrate 5th anniversary

No Man’s Sky teases ‘Frontiers’ update to celebrate 5th anniversary
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Developer Hello Games has announced the title of No Man’s Sky‘s next update as Frontiers to mark the game’s fifth anniversary.

A post on the PlayStation Blog marking the milestone didn’t give much in the way of detail on the new update. But director Sean Murray did say that it is “something I’m very excited about”. He adds “In some ways it is just another update, but in other ways it’s a missing piece of the sci-fi fantasy that we’ve always wanted to add, and very fitting for our fifth anniversary.”

Murray also took some time to reflect on the five years since the game was launched. “We knew this was the start of a journey, but never expected what a wild ride it would be,” he said. “It hasn’t always been easy, but the thing that has been our guiding star throughout has been the players and the community. Behind every update, every video, every feature and line in a patch note is a team that cares so deeply for this game.”

Hello Games’ founder also spoke on the timeline of the game since before launch to present day. From being revealed at E3 2014 to its rocky launch in 2016. Murray touches on the launch of the Foundations update that added base building, as well as finally adding Multiplayer in No Man’s Sky Next in 2018.

There’s no launch date for No Man’s Sky’s Frontiers update just yet, but the trailer proclaims it’s coming soon. Check out a video celebrating the game’s fifth anniversary below.