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No Man’s Sky Leviathan expedition adds space whales

No Man’s Sky Leviathan expedition adds space whales
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No Man’s Sky, the game about exploring the ludicrous largeness of the universe, now boasts space whales, which is great.

The developer, Hello Games, has added this new expedition not even a month after the last big update. That was the Outlaws expansion, which gave players all sorts of pirate-themed content. Anyway, now there are space whales to go along with all that pirate booty.

Expeditions are kind of like the seasons that you get in live-service games. However, unlike most—if not all—of the seasons that you get in live-service games, this one has space whales.

Check out the trailer below:

The description reads:

“The 7th No Man’s Sky expedition, ‘Leviathan’, finds Travellers trapped in a time-loop curse suspected to trace back to a near-mythical space creature. Join the community effort to help recover memory fragments, lost remnants of previous loops, and liberate the universe in this unique rogue-like survival adventure. Jam-packed with rewards, including the WhaleStalker Cloak, Temporal Starship Trail and, the ultimate prize, the Leviathan itself, an imposing living frigate to add to your fleet.”

VideoGamer didn’t review the game in the traditional manner. Instead, Alice Bell opted to review the game’s subreddit:

“It’s boring, but then again it does make it easy to pick up, though the gameplay itself can become a frustrating grind to earn ‘upvotes’ and ‘karma’, an in-game currency that seems to have no identifiable value.”

No Man’s Sky

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12 August 2016