Need for Speed Unbound – release date, pre-order bonuses & more *UPDATED*

Need for Speed Unbound – release date, pre-order bonuses & more *UPDATED*
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A new Need for Speed game is officially on the way, and now we know it’ll be the cel-shaded Need for Speed Unbound.

EA has dropped the first proper gameplay trailer on the game’s official YouTube channel since its reveal last week.

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Let’s jam through everything we know about the game so far.

Need for Speed Unbound: Risk & Reward gameplay trailer

The new Risk & Reward trailer shows how players will be able to risk bigger stakes on their races in order to get higher rewards.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to make more dough, whether that’s just from your driving skills with drifts, or side bets where you put your money where your mouth is and bet you’ll win.

You’ll then be able to spend this hard earned dough on more stuff for your vehicle, whether that’s performance upgrades or just making it look even flashier.

Need for Speed Unbound: driving effects

Today, the official Twitter account showed off 30 seconds of gameplay from the game, showing off the comic book style effects that can be applied to your ride.

It turns out, just like real vehicle customisations, these driving effects are entirely customisable. You can adjust things like the smoke coming off your tires, sparks around the wheels and more.

A subsequent tweet also confirmed that you’ll be able to turn these effects off altogether, if you so choose – making for even more ways to customise your ride.

Check out the short clip for yourself by clicking the image of the tweet below.

Need for Speed Unbound: Reveal Trailer

On October 10, we got a look at the game’s first debut trailer and information from Guilford based developer – Criterion Games.

Need for Speed Unbound – release date, platforms

Need for Speed Unbound will launch on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC on December 2, 2022. When it arrives, that’ll be more than three years since the previous game, 2019’s Need for Speed Heat.

There’ll be three versions of the game available – standard, the NFS Unbound Palace Edition, and a retailer-exclusive Collector’s Edition including a Creative Subversion Kit.

It seems we’re going for something of a cross between realistic and cel-shaded for the game’s visual style – giving it a distinct comic book look.

And it seems we’ll also have some celebrity cameos too, as not only does rapper A$AP Rocky contribute to the game’s soundtrack, but he’s driving his own car in the game – complete with vanity license plate.

Need for Speed Unbound – locations and cars

Need for Speed Unbound will take place in the fictional location of Lakeshore, and you’ll have to race against time, other racers and – as is tradition in the NFS series – the cops. Your ultimate aim is to qualify for The Grand, said to be Lakeshore’s “ultimate street racing challenge”.

Of course, there’ll be a ton of rides, which can be customised with a wealth of options such as paint jobs, vinyls, lights and more.

The announcement also confirms the rumour that the new game will be on current-gen systems only; that’s Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC.

The latest entry in the long-running racing series has been teased for quite some time – with teases of the game’s PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S graphical power coming as far back as 2020.

However, production was paused for a while as Criterion were drafted to help with development of Battlefield 2042 at the early part of this year.

With that now out of the way, the UK studio has returned to the series they’ve worked on-and-off on since 2010’s Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.

Need for Speed Unbound FAQs

Does NFS Unbound have a deluxe edition?

Yes. Need for Speed Unbound will be available in a special edition called the Need for Speed Unbound Palace Edition. Alternatively, the game is also available at specific retailers in a limited edition Creative Subversion Kit.

What is in the NFS Unbound Palace Edition?

The Need for Speed Unbound Palace Edition costs RRP $79.99 & includes the following perks.

  • 4 Custom Cars
  • New Gassy Driving Effects
  • Mashman Decals and License Plate
  • Exclusive Character Pose and Banner Artwork
  • Special Clothing Pack containing 20 unique items
  • Pre order bonus content

What are the NFS Unbound Pre order bonuses?

Those who pre order Need for Speed Unbound can claim the following extras for their trouble:

  • Driving Effect
  • License Plate
  • Banner Artwork and Sticker
  • $150,000 Bank (Multiplayer use only)

Can I play NFS Unbound early?

Yes. EA Play members will be able to enjoy a 10 hour trial of the game from November 29, 2022. EA Play Pro members on PC will also get unlimited access to the Need for Speed Unbound Palace Edition three days early, also on November 29.

What is the NFS Unbound Creative Subversion Kit?

The NFS Unbound Creative Subversion Kit is a retailer specific collector’s edition. The RRP is $89.99 and where you can get it from depends on your region.

What is in the NFS Unbound Creative Subversion Kit?

The contents of the NFS Unbound Creative Subversion Kit are as follows:

  • The game in a steelbook case
  • Balaclava
  • Collector’s Box
  • 3 Street Artist Paint Pens
  • 24 Hello Stickers
  • 5 Vinyl Stickers

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