MW3 players want “turtles to have turtle speed” as Riot Shields make unwelcome return

MW3 players want “turtles to have turtle speed” as Riot Shields make unwelcome return
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The CoD series has been chock full of unwelcome features and elements that players have often complained about. However, none are as prevalent or frustrating as the ongoing turtling pandemic caused by the ever-present Riot Shields. With these overpowered pieces of equipment now set to return in Activision’s upcoming installment MW3, many within the community are predictably begging for a penalty to players who abuse the protective gear’s capabilities.

With the MW3 beta start time countdown clock steadily ticking down, Activision has predictably begun ramping up its efforts to market its highly anticipated installment. The release of the MW3 multiplayer reveal trailer further bolstered the excitement surrounding the game, so much so that numerous fans are now eager to learn how to get and redeem a Modern Warfare 3 beta code. No matter how exciting the preview was, though, some fans were left frustrated at the sight of the unwelcome Riot Shields.

These disgruntled players have even asked Sledgehammer Games to introduce heavy penalties to those who abuse Riot Shields. One unhappy Redditor named KombatKiller said: “Turtles should have turtle speed,” implying that people who use the bulky protector should be handed a significant hindrance to their movement to discourage them from using it throughout a match.

Some players predictably agreed with this idea, as Eswin17 noted that “all Riot Shield use should result in a mobility penalty. Slower sprint, slower run, no sliding.” Others wanted to take things a step further, as a few fans simply asked the developers to remove Riot Shields from the game entirely. Unfortunately, neither of these two solutions seems likely at the time of writing since Sledgehammer Games and Activision haven’t given any indication of their future plans for balancing out this item.

Hopefully, the CoD higher-ups can find an amicable solution to fix the ongoing Riot Shield issue while keeping it in the game. Otherwise, these complaints may be the beginning of what might just be a year-long back-and-forth between the community and the game’s creators.