The verdict is in – MW3 players agree this map is the worst in the beta

The verdict is in – MW3 players agree this map is the worst in the beta
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Now that we’re well into the second MW3 beta weekend, CoD fans have finally been able to experience most of what the latest installment has to offer, including its revamped maps and retooled perk systems. However, not everything has been met with acclaim, as one specific in-game location remains at the bottom of every player’s list: Estate.

Though the stable of MW3 maps contains various fan-favorite locations previously featured in past entries, Estate continues to be one of the game’s most disliked settings for a few reasons. Aside from having terrain that’s difficult to navigate, the central area of the map is essentially an in-game no man’s land. This is mainly because a sprint through this region, no matter how fast, often results in an equally quick death, making it an unusable section.

Some hardcore CoD gamers have grown so disillusioned with Estate that they’ve begun posting frustrated rants on social media. One Redditor named Deus-Ex-MJ commented under one post: “Even back [in the original MW2], there’s a reason everyone focused on playing inside the cabin/house.” They would mention how this map spawn logic is so subpar that “until [Sledgehammer Games] fix this, there’s no enjoying this map.”

On the other hand, one user noted that “a lot of the classic maps were not designed with such fast movement speeds [in mind.]” “It ruins the flow of the maps themselves and screws with the spawn system,” they continued, while another responder added: “I’d also argue that 150 health does not play nicely with such fast, spasmodic movement.”

Even though most MW3 maps haven’t been included in the beta, it seems likely that Estate will continue to be one of the least-liked locations once the Modern Warfare 3 release date rolls around. If you do end up having to play through an entire match at launch in this area, though, check out our recommendations for the best Striker loadout and the best MCW loadout so you can have an easier time running around its outskirts.