MW2 Season 3 roadmap showcases premium battle pass offering and three new 6v6 maps

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Infinity Ward and Raven Software have now released their MW2 and Warzone 2 Season 3 roadmap, which contains features that has everyone buzzing with excitement. Aside from the new, more expensive battle pass offering called Blackcell, three new 6v6 maps and two battle maps are also being introduced as well.

Additionally, the long-awaited arrival of Alejandro Vargas and Valeria Garza to the game’s roster is now here and fans will finally be able to play as them throughout various game modes. Both of the cosmetics for these characters will be available through the seasonal battle pass, which is good news as you won’t need to spend extra just to purchase an overpriced bundle. Of course, we also can’t forget about the return of Gunfight to multiplayer as this is a mode that has often been requested by the community.

The developers have similarly made a ton of changes to Warzone 2 as part of Season 3, with the biggest updates being an exciting ‘Massive Resurgence’ mode and a new Gulag. The former will be a much bigger offering of the fast-paced battle royale mode that will take place in Al Mazrah, meaning it will include more players than ever.

On the other hand, the revamped Gulag will feature a completely different layout than the one that players have become familiar with in the past few months. Though specific details are yet to be revealed, the “roughly rectangular, asymmetrical map” will apparently have “several interior spaces and long external routes,” which gives players more opportunities to position themselves properly before getting the all-important kill.

With the MW2 and Warzone 2 Season 3 roadmap now having been revealed by Infinity Ward and Raven Software, the large wave of feature additions within is sure to excite any fan of the current CoD installment.

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