MW2 community trash newest weapon blueprint as complaints mount over store bundles

MW2 community trash newest weapon blueprint as complaints mount over store bundles Staff Updated on by

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As the first season of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 begins to wind down, it seems the arrival of Season Two can’t come soon enough for some fans.

Especially when it comes to Blueprints – as players on the game’s Reddit are questioning the value of these paid for cosmetics – some of which Activision are charging around $20-30 of real money for.

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One such example is the Noir blueprint for the Kastov 762 – as part of the Plum Joy bundle as posted by IdiotIsland on Reddit.

The differences between the store-bought blueprint, versus the same standard build you can get for free seem minimal – outside of a wooden handle and the gun being a slightly different shade of black.

The disappointment is clear from the thread’s title. “New store blueprint vs. the same build in gunsmith. Nobody at the studio gives a s***” – a sentiment that seems to be echoed by many of the commenters.

Many complaints are about the cost of the bundles in the store – and what little they seem to offer for the amount being charged.

“I feel they should all be sub 10 bucks,” says RustyGosling. “Most bundles are over 20 dollars, for what? Literally skins and stickers.”

MW2 Blueprint

Comparisons have also been made to the bundles in the 2019 Modern Warfare. “Instead of pointless charms and decals there was at least quips, takedowns (!) and watches,” says IIWhiteHawkII.

“Can’t say these are really important things but already times more effort and actual effect than another pointless sticker.”

It certainly looks like one of the focus areas the community would like Infinity Ward and Raven Software to focus on in Season 2 of Modern Warfare 2 are bundles that provide better value for money.

Whether they’ll be able to satisfy the community in this regard, we’ll have to wait and see. Infinity Ward is set to reveal a deep dive into Season 2 next week – which has already confirmed to see the return of 1v1 Gulags.

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