MW2 players are sitting ducks to ‘flocks of flying AI’ bots in DMZ

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 players are ‘sitting ducks’ to flying AI bots, wielding high-powered weapons in the DMZ mode.

These ‘flocks’ of soldiers are allegedly flying around Al Masrah, and raining down hell on players below. As cited on the Modern Warfare 2 sub-Reddit, these airborne soldiers are hard to kill but are not immune from damage completely.

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“I have seen them in groups up in the air. A flock of AQ,” said Call of Duty gamer on the sub-reddit.

It’s not known yet if Infinity Ward is aware of the issue, but it’s certainly picking up traction in the community. There are also reports of ‘half buried’ soldiers appearing in DMZ.

“Had an RPG one under the map the other day. Couldn’t shoot him but, the splash damage from the RPG just about f****d me a couple of times whilst i was trying to figure out what was going on,” said one user. The full sub-Reddit can be seen right here.

The good news is that Modern Warfare 2 is patched quite regularly, so when Season 2 comes along – which was confirmed to be coming on February 14, we could well see this bug patched. In the meantime, though, it is certainly causing a few issues.

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It’s not the only issue facing MW2 players at the moment. Earlier in the week we revealed that a lot of the community are not satisfied by the multiplayer matchmaking mechanics.

Many complain that after winning or performing well in a match, they are thrown into lobbies with players much stronger than them.

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