MW2 Xbox players breathe a sigh of relief as Infinity Ward finally fixes access issues

MW2 Xbox players breathe a sigh of relief as Infinity Ward finally fixes access issues
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MW2 developer Infinity Ward has finally provided a fix for a previous prevalent issue that prevented Xbox users from accessing the game.

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According to an official Twitter post from the developers, a recent update addressing this particular problem is now live and users should no longer have trouble playing the latest CoD title. Plenty of Xbox users are predictably relieved since it now allows them to enter the game smoothly without having to search up fixes for puzzling errors.

Before the fix went live, numerous users had already taken to Reddit to post about their troubling experiences in accessing the game. Numerous threads had already been made by different players asking the community for help in fixing these issues.

Unfortunately, this has often been the case for most of the problems that are currently plaguing CoD’s latest installment. The lack of communication from Infinity Ward and Raven Software have prompted fans to take matters into their own hands by finding solutions themselves.

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There are still a multitude of problems present within various game modes that still have not been addressed. Although the MW2 Trello page does a great job of keeping track of them all, the lack of movement and transparency ends up overshadowing its usefulness.

Interestingly enough, Infinity Ward has also seemingly prohibited accounts from replying to their latest tweets. Although the cause for this decision is unclear at the time of writing, it may be due to the fact that responses are often filled with players asking for resolutions to long-time problems that still haven’t been fixed.

Hopefully, this latest update from the developers kickstarts a series of successive patches to help improve the current state of the game. Based on their recent history, however, players understandable aren’t holding out too much hope.