Dreaded ‘turtle boys’ are forcing MW2 players to plead for a Riot Shield nerf

Dreaded ‘turtle boys’ are forcing MW2 players to plead for a Riot Shield nerf
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MW2 has often included the infamous Riot Shield in its diverse arsenal of equipment. The protective object, which can easily be spotted from a mile away, has often been considered gimmicky because of its relative lack of power compared to other available weapons.

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Now, however, MW2 players are begging Infinity Ward to nerf Riot Shields in order to prevent other users from ‘turtling’. For those unfamiliar, Riot Shields have the ability to protect an Operator’s back when it’s equipped as a secondary weapon.

The ever-present sight of Operators running Riot Shields has especially become a nuisance on Shipment. Because of the map’s close quarters environment, players will frequently encounter enemies with their backs turned.

Unfortunately, this sort of advantage disappears when the opponent has a shell nearly covering their entire rear end. The shield’s stopping power becomes even more puzzling since armor-piercing rounds don’t seem to pierce through it.

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A large number of MW2 users have taken to Reddit to vent their frustration on this unwanted trend. One specific post had this to say about the Riot Shield’s capabilities: “The shield in its current form deflects damage in probably more than 1/4 of a player’s available hitboxes and has almost no drawbacks.”

They then go on to state the following: “For people who only want to win, choosing a smaller hitbox with no drawbacks over some other crappy perk is a no-brainer. This makes it unbalanced.” Hundreds of comments under the same thread echo the poster’s sentiment.

Hopefully, Infinity Ward and Raven Software come up with a solution to fix this specific piece of equipment quickly. But based on how they’ve addressed issues recently, we may not see an immediate change for this problem soon.