Modern Warfare 2 (2022) killstreaks and scorestreaks list

Modern Warfare 2 (2022) killstreaks and scorestreaks list
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Modern Warfare 2 is here – with millions of players playing through Activision and Infinity Ward’s stunning campaign during the early access period and claiming a number of valuable campaign rewards.

With the multiplayer in the wild – players are eager to know what are the best killstreaks and scorestreaks they’ll want to equip to make their most out of their time. Which are the most effective? We’ve got you covered.

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To make things easier, we’ve pulled together everything we know so far about MW2’s 20 Killstreaks and scorestreaks. We’ve also just had it confirmed that the Tactical Nuke is arriving for this year’s game – and you can watch it in action here.

Remember, you can unlock these by both scoring points and killing enemies. Let’s kick off:

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MW2 (2022) killstreaks and scorestreaks list:

  • UAV – unlocked with 3 kills / 500 points – reveals enemy locations for a short period of time on your minimap. Can be jammed which impairs it.
  • Bomb Drone – unlocked with 4 kills / 500 points – remote-controlled done that is flown manually before it runs out of battery. Has C4 attached to it, which can be used to blow up groups of enemies. Limited range
  • Counter UAV – unlocked with 5 kills / 625 points – stops the foe from seeing your team’s location on enemy minimaps
  • Care Package – unlocked with 5 kills / 625 points – drops a number of goodies, including ammo refills and other random killstreaks
  • Cluster Mine – unlocked with 5 kills / 625 points – automatically detects nearby enemies and explodes when they get within a certain distance
  • Precision Airstrike – unlocked with 6 kills / 750 points – designate a spot via a laser then air support will level that area via a precision strike. Great for clearing hiding enemies, or large groups
  • Cruise Missile – unlocked with 6 kills / 750 points – Fly-by-wire missile that lets you home in on enemies, which are marked red on the missile’s HUD
  • Mortar Strike – unlocked with 6 kills / 750 points – flatten a large area with waves of mortars
  • Sentry Gun – unlocked with 7 kills / 875 points – automatically targets enemies in range via its auto sentry capabilities
  • VTOL Jet – unlocked with 8 kills / 1000 points – aerial support that scans the battlefield and takes down enemies in its line of sight
  • Overwatch Helo – unlocked with 8 kills / 1000 points – low-altitude chopper that mows down enemies – particularly useful in areas of large expanses
  • Wheelson-HS – unlocked with 8 kills / 1000 points – remote controller vehicle, armed with machine guns – noise can give it away.
  • Stealth Bomber – unlocked with 10 kills / 1250 points – similar to precision airstrike but does not appear on enemy radar
  • Chopper Gunner – unlocked with 10 kills / 1250 points – manually controlled, side-mounted minigun on-board of an assault chopper
  • Emergency Airdrop – unlocked with 10 kills / 1250 points – rewards players with perks and killstreaks
  • Gunship – unlocked with 12 kills / 1500 points – high-powered death from above, able to pinpoint individual targets
  • Advanced UAV – unlocked with 12 kills / 1500 points – reveals position and, unlike the UAV, enemy direction making it far more valuable
  • Juggernaut – unlocked with 15 kills / 1875 points – huge, armoured support unit with a minigun – capable of taking huge amounts of damage. The Juggernaut assault gear is vulnerable to repeated headshots, with visor cracking when death near.
  • Tactical nuke

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MW2 Killstreaks FAQ

How many killstreaks are in MW2?

Modern Warfare 2 boasts 19 different Killstreaks. Note, the Tactical Nuke is not yet confirmed for this year’s game.

How do you use Killstreaks in MW2?

The most common way of getting killstreaks in MW2 is to kill a certain number of enemies. Once you hit a threshold, you’ll receive an on-screen prompt, usually involving you to press a direction on the D-pad (or a button on PC).