Modern Warfare 2 Flickering – Potential Fix For MW2 Flickering Issue On PC

Modern Warfare 2 Flickering – Potential Fix For MW2 Flickering Issue On PC
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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) has had its rocky moments since launch – with a number of bugs detracting from the brilliant gameplay, including a flickering issue.

Whether its Xbox or PC gamers being unable to disable crossplay to rewards not turning up for Vault Edition owners, MW2 has been affected in some way on all platforms by bugs and errors, and this flickering setback has joined the long list of issues.

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The good news is for this particular ‘flickering’ issue, there’s a simple fix that – we hope – will make things a little bit more easy on the eyes when playing MW2.

Following these steps should hopefully avoid you having to do the dreaded uninstall and reinstall the game, which we stress should be a last resort, as an MW2 patch is likely on the way very soon.

MW2 Flickering – Potential Fix

If you’re playing on a PC and want to stop this flickering, make sure that you have GSYNC enabled if you have an Nvidia GPU. Head to your settings on your computer, then go to “Manage 3D settings” before switching on Vertical Sync.

If you’re using an AMD GPU, right-click on the desktop, head over to AMD Radeon Settings, and then switch Wait for Vertical Refresh to Always on.

This should solve the issue as well as reduce screen tear.

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It’s also worth noting that changing the refresh rate on your TV or monitor from 120Hz to 60Hz could also help. So too would lowering the graphics settings, which could help take the strain off the GPU and improve performance.

Finally, and an obvious one, is to make sure you have downloaded the latest drivers for your graphics cards – as these will be required for optimal performance. You can find the Nvidia drivers here, and the AMD drivers here.

To recap what we’ve touched on above, we’ve provided the list of steps down below as well:

Steps To Stop Flickering – Modern Warfare 2:

  • Step 1: Ensure that GSYNC (Nvidia) or Vertical Refresh is on
  • Step 2: Check your TV / Monitor supports 120Hz and switch to 60Hz if you are experiencing issues
  • Step 3: Make sure the latest drivers are installed
  • Step 4: Ensure the latest update has been installed for MW2
  • Step 5: Lower graphics settings to see if there are any graphics options that are affecting the GPU

There have been several patches for Modern Warfare 2, with an extensive Season 2 update released on February 15. Given the number of issues that have been addressed by Infinity Ward and Raven Software following Season 1, this issue shouldn’t be very applicable anymore for many of you, if not all of you.

MW2 Flickering – FAQ

Is this MW2 flickering issue only on PC?

Yes. From what we know, it was only found on PC.

What is the best step to avoid these glitchy setbacks in MW2?

Ensuring the latest updates have been installed. Some of these issues are beyond our control and are usually addressed by Infinity Ward via small patches on a regular basis.

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