MLB The Show 23: Diamond Dynasty Reveal

MLB The Show 23: Diamond Dynasty Reveal
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As we slowly head into the month of March, The Show has continued to reveal a variety of new features, details, and changes that fans can expect to see in their new game MLB The Show 23. Though a lot has transpired over the month of February, one of the most recent reveals The Show has covered is that of their online mode, Diamond Dynasty.

For those that might not be familiar, Diamond Dynasty is the MLB The Show equivalent of what Ultimate Team is for FIFA and Madden, and what MyTEAM is for NBA 2K23. In short, it’s The Show’s online baseball card collecting mode that allows you to assemble your own dream teams, complete challenges for rewards, and play against or with others in a handful of online modes.

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The Diamond Dynasty reveal took place on Thursday, February 23, at 2PM PT / 5PM ET / 10PM GMT via The Show’s Twitch and YouTube live streams. With The Show covering a slew of important details regarding Diamond Dynasty, we’ve decided to provide fans with a recap of what was touched upon over the live stream.

So on that very note, here’s a look at what fans can expect from Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show 23.

MLB The Show 23 – Diamond Dynasty Reveal

The Show 23
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In this Diamond Dynasty reveal, The Show decided to focus mainly on new features coming to the mode, with a separate reveal stream on the actual content set to go live on a later date in March.

The overarching adjustment The Show is making with Diamond Dynasty in 2023, is that of how you can build your teams, particularly by doubling down on decision making when creating theme teams.

This year, The Show made several several big changes to Diamond Dynasty. And we’ve detailed those that were revealed from the live stream last Thursday down below.

Here’s what you need to know:

99s Available On Day One

Yes, you read that correctly! Arguably the single biggest change made to Diamond Dynasty in The Show since 2016 will be that of 99 overall players being available to earn right on launch day, and every single day after that.

So in The Show 23, you will be able to get 99 overalls not only in the Live Series, but now as rewards from Ranked, Battle Royale, Programs, and much more right from the start.

Moreover, top tier cards of favorite legends and flashbacks will also be available on launch day. The Show 23 is aiming to make the Diamond Dynasty grind less taxing for high-tier players, and is doing so in a major way by having very high overall rated cards available right off the bat.

Sets & Seasons

Alongside the major news of 99s coming to Diamond Dynasty on launch day, is that of also Seasons, which will run six to eight weeks long in The Show 23.

Within every season, you can make squads of players from specific sets, with each player item belonging to a set. The timing of when the card is released, determines what set it belongs to. So Season 1 cards belong to Set 1, Season 2 to Set 2, and so forth. When Season 1 starts upon MLB The Show 23’s launch, you will be able to build squads with Set 1 players and Core players.

Core players? To clarify, Core players belong to the Core Set, which is where the most valuable diamond dynasty players belong. All Live Series cards will belong to the Core player sets, and all the Live Series collection rewards will also belong to Core sets. Seasons will get rotated out but Core players won’t and will be available to acquire in every season.

Lastly, The Show is also adding in a new feature in Seasons call the ‘Wild Card’. This neat feature will allow fans to add any players from any sets to your squad no matter the season. In other words, you will be able to use the Wild Card slot to add your favorite Set 1 card to your squad when it might not be available in later seasons.

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The Show 23
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Captains is a new feature that will change how fans assemble their teams in Diamond Dynasty. This new Captain Series celebrates a handful of different baseball captains who will provide attribute boosts for your players on your team, representing the heart and soul of your theme team building.

But there’s a catch. In order to maximize the attribute boosts your team will receive, you will need to have a certain amount of players from that Captain’s team in your lineups. Keep in mind, only the players that are on the same team as the Captain, will get a boost. There are three tiers of boosts for each Captain, with tier three being the best and demanding the most.

In addition, you will be able to have one hitting captain and one pitching captain. Though you can add as many Captains to your collection as you wish, only one from each slot can be active at a time. That said, you can mix and match different Captains from different teams, which is clutch.

Every MLB team will have at least one captain. Some of them will give great boosts depending on how many players you have from their team, while others will require certain players from specific eras they played in, be it the 50s, 60s, and onward. These Captains have to be starters and can’t be subbed out until the 7th inning.

Ranked Co-Op

In The Show’s Ranked Co-Op mode, you can combine your cards along with one of your friends or teammates, before you jump on into a game against an opposing team of two or three. CO-Op will have its very own Ranked rewards ladder that will come baring many prizes for you and your friends.

Moreover, there will also be a separate rewards ladder for 2v2 and 3v3 Ranked Co-Op. The whole point of this mode is to increase your rank as you play more games in order to place yourself in better tiers to earn better rewards. Individual ratings will not interfere with playing with friends, and you can gain access to the Ranked awards three times, including in Solo, Ranked Co-Op, and via the Ranked Program.

Lastly, one of the biggest changes that’s coming to Ranked, is that games won’t be jeopardized by people quitting or leaving temporarily, but will now continue regardless of how many teammates you have playing with you. So for example, if you’re playing in a 3v3 matchup and someone quits on your team, it will just become a 3v2 instead and continue to play out. This will not only be in Ranked, but will also apply in Co-Op as well.

Mini Seasons 2.0

Mini Seasons, which is a short season-mode in Diamond Dynasty comprised of 3-inning 28 regular season games, is getting a whole new revamped UI and will be coming with much more. Along with the new UI, new theme seasons, stat tracking and rewards, and custom away stadiums are set to arrive in The Show 23.

You will be able to play theme seasons, where maybe you might have to use all lefties in an all lefty league. Some of the themes in Mini Seasons will need specific set eligible cards. So Seasons and Mini Seasons will be closely intertwined.

DH’s & Two-Way Players

The Universal DH is coming to Diamond Dynasty! For starters, you will be able to insert any player you wish into your DH slot. And, there will also be cards that are listed as a DH instead of baring an actual position.

To top it off, you will be able to use two-way players like Shohei Ohtani in your starting rotation and as a DH. This is big news! By implementing more active MLB rule changes into Diamond Dynasty in their new game, The Show continues to provide new layers of authenticity that really bring out the best of the game.

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