Is MLB The Show 23 On Xbox One?

Is MLB The Show 23 On Xbox One?
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With the launch of MLB The Show 23 drawing closer, fans have been starting to wonder if their respective console generations will allow them to play the new game.

Should you be a next-gen user, you have no reason to worry. However, if you are a current-gen player, you might be feeling rather concerned seeing how many sports games over this past year have catered exclusively better experiences on next-gen platforms.

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This naturally includes Xbox One players, leaving some from this current-gen community wondering whether The Show 23 will be on the older generation or not? If you are looking for the answer, you’ve come to the right place.

Down below, we cover the full details about whether we can expect to see MLB The Show 23 on Xbox One or not.

Will MLB The Show 23 Be On Xbox One?

MLB The Show
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It sure will be! MLB The Show 23 will be on both Xbox One and the Xbox Series X. The Show announced this when they released their cover athlete press release, highlighting that the Xbox One will be one of the consoles that MLB The Show 23 will be available to play on.

After it was originally only on PlayStation, The Show officially became cross platform in 2021, granting both Xbox and Nintendo Switch fans to participate in the best MLB gaming franchise to date.

Prior to the The Show making that transition, Xbox One players only had MLB 2K, which discontinued its series following its MLB 2K13 edition. After a long eight-year drought of no worthy baseball games to play, The Show resurrected the baseball passion that had gone astray from the Xbox community in 2021, and since then, hasn’t looked back.

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Is MLB The Show 23 On Xbox One – FAQ

Will MLB The Show 23 be available on Xbox One?

The answer is yes! MLB The Show 23 will be available to play on the current-gent system as soon as Early Access commences on March 24.

Is MLB The Show staying on Xbox?

Yes it is! MLB The Show first introduced cross platform play in 2021, and since then hasn’t looked back.

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