MLB The Show 23: New Gameplay Features

MLB The Show 23: New Gameplay Features
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With MLB The Show 23’s Tech Test going live yesterday, The Show provided fans with more context and clarity about some of the new gameplay features they will see firsthand throughout this week.

These new details were first revealed over The Show 23’s Gameplay live stream on both Twitch and YouTube on Tuesday, February 14. In anticipation of the Tech Test, The Show wanted to make sure it covered some of the biggest new developments fans will be able to experience for the first time this week, and they delivered just that.

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In addition to the live stream, The Show released its very own press release on the gameplay as well. With plenty of new gameplay information to digest, some of you might be wondering what was covered over these last few days?

Not to worry! That’s where we come in. Without further ado, let’s dive right in and see what new gameplay features MLB The Show 23 has in store for the fans.

MLB The Show 23: New Gameplay Features

Courtesy of MLB The Show 23

Throughout this week, The Show covered several different aspects of their gameplay, highlighting many important details worth taking note of.

From playing defense, to offense, to animations, gameplay styles, visual updates, and so much more, The Show went above and beyond to give fans a real good taste of what MLB The Show 23 will be like, and we’re here to help break that all down for you.

With that swing of the bat, let’s get right to the gameplay details we will find in MLB The Show 23 come its launch, courtesy of San Diego Studios:


The biggest point of discussion in the gameplay live stream, was fielding, be it in the outfield or infield. This year, fans will get to experience a whole new re-balanced set of start transitions that will impact how effective fielders will be (particularly during fly ball situations), providing a lot more variations than in previous editions.

In addition, The Show also took the time to review the new functionalities of the throwing meter, which definitely plays more into the skill-based side of the game. This year, the throwing meter, which usually has a green portion in the middle of it, will have that very green spot move to different locations on the meter depending on how challenging of a throw you need to make.

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Because of this change, The Show also stated that the meter speed will be slower, in order to allow for fans to acclimate to this new change. This new moving green spot change was implemented to not only make things a bit more challenging on the fielding front, but to also help players react with a better sense of urgency on those key plays. The green spots will also shift on deep outfield throws, and its size will differ depending on the throw-accuracy and fielding ratings of the player you’re using.

Should you land a throw on the yellow portion of the meter while playing in the infield, it will result as a dirt throw and it will be on the first baseman to dig it out. Lastly, new quirks were added on the defensive front, including ‘Pick Off Artist’ and ‘Break Outlier’.


In comparison to defense, The Show isn’t implementing as many changes as it did on offense. That said, the ones it did receive are certainly important, such as redefining the ‘Clutch Attribute’. When runners are in scoring position, the Clutch Attribute replaces the Contact Attribute, providing much more realism into the game.

Furthermore, the offense also got two new quirks, which are the ‘Bad Ball Hitter’ and the ‘Table Setter’. These two hitting quirks grant boosts for those that like to swing at balls outside of the strike zone (Bad Ball Hitter) and those that need to get a hit with no runners on base (Table Setter).

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Moreover, The Show 23 went above and beyond with making their Swing Feedback as user friendly as possible. Swing Feedback entails of Pitch Location, Pitch Type, Batter Attributes, Swing Timing, and Plate Coverage Indicator Placement, and usually popped up late when you came to the plate with your next hitter. Now, it will come up immediately after you make a hit and will remain there.

Nailing down a perfect swing will still be no easy feat. But The Show 23 did a lot with helping the fans receive the best possible understanding of how close they are to achieving that perfect stroke with their new Swing Feedback feature. Lastly, The Show 23 did change the PCI by providing a small perfect-swing dot in the middle of it. However, swing timing will still play the most important factor when securing hits.

Visuals & Animations

The Show 23
Copyright MLB The Show 23

The Show 23 did a lot for the fans when it comes to both their visual improvements and new animations. The biggest visual change The Show will introduce, is that of runner windows, which were typically displayed on the top right and left corners of your screen. This year however, the runner windows for first and third base runners, will no longer appear in the top left or right corners. The camera will now be visible in the top right baserunning diamond during pre-pitch.

In addition, MLB The Show 23 is introducing over 5,000 gameplay animations, which is massive. From robbing foul balls to diving and more, the animations will bring a whole new authentic feel to the game that fans will find refreshing.

MLB Rule Changes

Because of the MLB’s ongoing stance changes with field shifts, The Show 23 has done its best to keep up to date with them in their new game as well. The Show 23 will now feature Extreme Left and Extreme Right shifts in the new game.

Although these changes will set a good baseline for the release of the new game, it’s an area that will need fine-tuning based on what is reflected throughout the MLB season.

Closing Thoughts

MLB The Show 23 will have a lot of new gameplay features to offer. Should you want to get a feel for these new features in real-time, you can still participate in MLB The Show 23’s Tech Test that’s taking place right now. If you miss that opportunity, you can also partake in the Early Access window of the game come March 24, 2023.

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