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Microsoft Flight Simulator gets World Update 10

Microsoft Flight Simulator 1
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World Update 10 has given Microsoft Flight Simulator a raft of new features, including more 3-D cities, airports, and points of interest.

Check out the new United States World Update Trailer below:

The description reads:

“The update features enhanced modeling of 12 urban regions, including San Diego, Albany, Key Largo, and Seattle, and includes four handcrafted airports, 87 custom points of interest, and 9 new activities: three bush trips, three fresh discovery flights, and three new landing challenges.”

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In other recent Flight Simulator news, the Top Gun Maverick DLC is now out. That gives you the need for speed. Whoops, I mean, that gives you three training missions for something called a Super Hornet. And also a hypersonic jet, which can exceed Mach 10. And altitudes over 150,000 above sea level.

Flight Simulator came out in 2020, and it wowed critics with its stunning representation of planet Earth. It is actually the only game that you need to buy an Xbox Series console to play. But it is a good way of showing off the hardware, with some truly stunning vistas. Plus, because it’s on Xbox Game Pass, you can see if you like it without shelling out the extra cash.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Microsoft Flight Simulator

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31 December 2020