Mass Effect’s next instalment teased once more with new poster

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Bioware has offered up a small tease of the next Mass Effect game as treat for fans via a new poster to mark N7 Day.

The studio posted the image to the game’s official Twitter account last night. While it doesn’t give away too much, there’s a crater that appears to be in the shape of the Geth. The mysterious scene includes four figures disembarking a shuttle, walking towards what appears to be a Geth corpse lying in the ground.

The teaser was also accompanied by a blog post, that also revealed an infographic for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. 85% of people recruited Garrus, which was the same amount of people who put Anderson in charge of the council. In fact, 69% of people also chose to save the Council, which was nice. You can check out the full thing below.

It was a fairly subdued N7 Day compared to last year, though of course that did see the long-awaited confirmation of the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.  It also saw the confirmation that a new game in the series was being worked on, but we wouldn’t get our first proper glimpse at that until that year’s The Game Awards in December.

The next Mass Effect is still almost certainly quite a ways off though. There’s still the small matter of a new Dragon Age coming from Bioware too. Maybe we’ll see more at this year’s The Game Awards show? We’ll find out next month.

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition

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