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Ben Borthwick by on Dec 11, 2020

Mass Effect’s next instalment gets a surprise teaser trailer featuring Liara

The cheeky scamps at Bioware weren't happy to settle with just one teaser trailer last night, as the studio also dropped a surprise teaser for the next Mass Effect game in production.

As with the Dragon Age trailer earlier in the night, this one was light on detail but did give us a glimpse at a destroyed Mass Effect gate, and was followed up by a familiar looking team uncovering what appears to be a piece of the famous Commander Shepard's N7 Armour from a frosty planet. The team in question is deliberately obscured, but that's almost certainly Liara picking up the debris, and we can certainly spot the familiar silhouette of a Krogan (perhaps Wrex?) in the background.

Whether this means we'll actually be returning to the Shepard era or if it will follow on from 2017's divisive Mass Effect: Andromeda is naturally, too early to say at this point. But presumably we'll hear more in the not-too-distant future. Bioware have a lot on their plate at the moment, with this, the new Dragon Age and of course next year's Mass Effect Legendary Edition all at various stages of production. 



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Mass Effect Legendary Edition


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