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King of Fighters XV Team Awakened Orochi DLC coming in August

King of Fighters XV
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The King of Fighters XV is getting a new trio of fighters in August, with the arrival of the Team Awakened Orochi DLC.

The trio is made up of Orochi Yashiro, Orochi Shermie, and Orochi Chris. These fighters originally appeared in The King of Fighters ’97. And they were villainous.

Check out the trailer for the Team Awakened Orochi DLC below:

The description reads:

“DLC Characters from Team AWAKENED OROCHI join KOF XV in August of 2022!”

The King of Fighters XV launched this year, in February. And it was a cracking fighter. While its characters don’t quite have the vibrant and unmistakable designs of Street Fighter, it has an ace up its sleeve. The crux of play is that you control a trio of characters in each fight. Unlike, say, Tekken Tag Tournament, however, you don’t switch between them as and when you like. Instead, you fight with each character until they have fainted.

Check out our discussion of the new game on the VideoGamer podcast here.

In other recent The King of Fighters XV news, developer SNK Corporation released free DLC for the game in April. It gave players a new fighter, the outrageously named Omegal Rugal (who debuted as a boss in The King of Fighters ’95).

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31 December 2020