Is Sons of the Forest on PlayStation 4?

Is Sons of the Forest on PlayStation 4?
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The availability of games on previous generation consoles has recently become a frequent talking point within the community and Sons of the Forest is a title that has been caught in the crossfire.

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Because most AAA games are now being made exclusively available for current generation consoles, players understandably now want to know if the survival horror entry is going to be playable on the PlayStation 4. Luckily, we’re here to give you the answer you’re looking for so you won’t have to search any longer.

Will Sons of the Forest be on PlayStation 4?

Unfortunately, Sons of the Forest will not be on PlayStation 4 as it’s only currently available for the PC. Though a rare occurrence nowadays, the follow-up survival horror title from Endnight Games has initially been made a Windows exclusive much like its predecessor, The Forest.

However, there is a chance that it could come to the PS4 in the near future based on the previous release strategy of the previous installment. Although The Forest was a PC exclusive for the first few months of its release, it was eventually launched for the previous gen Sony console in November 2018. With this in mind, we could be seeing the same plan of action from the developers as a way of gauging interest for their product.

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Its eventual availability for Xbox consoles though, remains a much larger question. This is mainly because The Forest has still not been launched for Microsoft consoles to this day so we may not be seeing the sequel appear within its catalog for a much longer period of time. The good news is that Sons of the Forest isn’t a PlayStation exclusive so there’s always hope that it will eventually be playable on the Xbox.