How much will Sons of the Forest cost?

How much will Sons of the Forest cost?
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Video game pricing has recently been a controversial subject within the community so players are understandably curious about the cost of the upcoming survival horror title, Sons of the Forest.

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With recent AAA games being subject to questionable current gen pricing strategies, fans are now eager to know if Endnight Games terrifying creation will be released with the same plan in mind. As always, we’re here to answer exactly that so you’ll no longer need to keep searching.

Here’s what we know about Sons of the Forest’s cost.

How much is Sons of the Forest going to cost?

You’ll be able to purchase Sons of the Forest for $29.99 once it’s been released. The game’s price was officially confirmed through a previous tweet from the developers so this is the price that you can expect to see on launch day.

Unfortunately, the relatively low cost that was revealed was overshadowed by the rest of the announcement. The initial portion of the post in question included Endnight Games initially stating that they had to postpone its release so those commenting under the thread were naturally disappointed.

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Luckily, there will no longer be any delays this time around and players will be able to enjoy it immediately. The developers have also mentioned on the game’s Steam page that they don’t plan on changing the price, which should similarly be welcome news for the community.

Hopefully, the delayed release enabled the studio to polish the game further as a large number of players are already looking forward to playing it. Based on what’s been shown from the numerous gameplay videos so far, it seems that the wait will have been worth it for those that have been tuning in since the beginning.