Is Sons of the Forest crossplay?

Is Sons of the Forest crossplay?
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Playing survival horror titles is always much easier when you can join others so players predictably have plenty of questions regarding the cooperative features of Sons of the Forest.

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Although the game’s multiplayer mode availability is pretty much known ahead of its release, its crossplay functionality is an aspect that’s still currently unclear with the eager player base. So if this is a question that you’ve had on your mind recently, then look no further because we’ve covered all you’ll need to know below.

Will Sons of the Forest support crossplay?

Unfortunately, Sons of the Forest does not have crossplay as it is currently only available on the PC. However, Endnight Games may eventually introduce this feature into the game if they ever decide to release it on consoles in the future.

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It’s worth noting, however, that its predecessor, The Forest, never received an update for this feature even after it was released for the PlayStation 4. Though this isn’t actually an indication of what’s to come for the sequel, it still doesn’t bode well for players that are hoping for its inclusion in the game.

With that said, players will only be able to join up with other users on the same system that they’re playing on. Co-op groups will also be able to support up to eight players, which means more help in navigating the dangers of the island.

If you don’t have enough members to fill up your squad, you will apparently be able to recruit a single AI companion as part of your team. Those looking to play solo will similarly have the chance to recruit the same NPC although, it’s currently unclear whether you’ll be able to control their actions or not.

Sons of the Forest crossplay FAQs

Is Sons of the Forest crossplay between PS4 and PS5?

Unfortunately, it will not be crossplay between the two Sony consoles since the game is only available on the PC.

Can PS4 and PC crossplay Sons of the Forest?

No, PS4 and PC will not support crossplay since it won’t be released on the previous generation Sony console.