Is MLB The Show 23 On Xbox Game Pass?

Is MLB The Show 23 On Xbox Game Pass?
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With the launch of MLB The Show 23 officially underway, fans are in the midst of immersing themselves in the brand new game, embracing all the new features and content at their disposal. But along with this new, exciting game to dig into, many questions have come up in the process as well.

One of the key questions fans have been wondering about, is whether MLB The Show 23 is on Xbox Game Pass? As some of you might have noticed with other sports game franchises, such as Madden 23 and NBA 2K23, it can take some time for a new sports game to make it on Xbox Game Pass.

That said, does that also apply for The Show’s new title as well? Should you be wondering about this question, you’ve come to the right place. We discuss the answer here in full down below and dive into all the details fans need to know about whether MLB The Show 23 will be on Xbox Game Pass or not.

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The Show 23 – On Xbox Game Pass?

The Show 23
Copyright MLB The Show 23

The answer is yes! That’s right! MLB The Show 23 is available for all Xbox Game Pass members upon the game’s official launch, which took place today, March 28, 2023.

This is massive news as Game Pass baseball fans will now be able to participate in the fun right off the bat and don’t have to wait over five months to be able to play a new sports game title on the subscription-based Xbox service.

That said, there was much more to this exciting news for Xbox Game Pass members. We detail that important announcement in the following section.

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The Show 23 – Xbox Game Pass Early Access Bundle

The Show 23
Copyright MLB The Show 23

Probably the best part about MLB The Show 23 coming to Xbox Game Pass on launch day, is that it had its very own Early Access period and rewards bundle for those that pre-ordered both the game and the bundle.

Should you have pre ordered the game prior to Early Access and purchased the Early Access Bundle on top of it, you would have received a variety of great rewards.

Here’s the list of rewards you would have received for pre-ordering the game and the Xbox Game Pass Early Access Bundle:

  • 4-Days of Early Access (Starting March 24)
  • 2 Gold Choice Packs
  • 10 The Show Packs
  • 1 Ballplayer Pack
  • Double Daily Rewards
  • 10K Stubs

In addition, if you pre-ordered this bundle for Xbox Game Pass, you also received an extra MLB The Show 23 Gold Choice Pack.

To clarify, the bundle did not include the game, and came at an additional cost of $45.00 USD. So even if you are an Xbox Game Pass member, you would have had to pre-order your copy of the new game and this Early Access Bundle as well.

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