Is Madden 23 On Xbox Game Pass?

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When it comes to playing video games, be it sports games like Madden 23 or not, affordability is at the forefront for many fans who are looking to make the most of their gaming experiences. This goes for all systems you play on, including Xbox, making affordable subscription-based, gaming libraries such as Xbox Game Pass quite the hit.

Xbox Game Pass comes with a lot of titles you can play, and in the process, will update its selection with some of the best games on the market. Though most if not all of the new games that are added were released last year, they still remain to be some of the best titles available to play on and fans can play all of them for a reasonable monthly fee.

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One game that has been out for quite some time but has yet to make an appearance on Xbox Game Pass, is that of Madden 23, which launched on August 16, 2022. And seeing how long the game has been out for, Xbox users have been wondering if they’ll get the chance to play Madden 23 on Xbox Game Pass this year?

That’s where we come in! In this feature, we cover all the latest news and details you need to know about if and when Madden 23 will be on Xbox Game Pass.

Is Madden 23 On Xbox Game Pass?

Madden 23 Xbox Box Game Pass
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The answer is yes! Madden 23 will be coming to Xbox Game Pass starting tomorrow, February 9, 2023 per the announcement from Microsoft and Xbox. This is massive news for fans that have been waiting to get their hands on the game via Game Pass, and marks the first of several titles coming to Game Pass this month.

Madden 23 will also make its debut on PC Game Pass and Ultimate via EA Play, allowing members to land a Supercharge Pack just by logging into Madden Ultimate Team between February 9 and March 9, 2023.

With Super Bowl LVII looming up ahead on Sunday, February 12, Madden 23 couldn’t have timed their launch into Game Pass any better than this, providing fans with a delightful NFL gaming experience to dig into before the big game takes place.

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