Is MLB The Show 23 On PS4?

Is MLB The Show 23 On PS4?
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MLB The Show 23 will be arriving in less than a week. And fans have been starting to wonder if their respective console generations will allow them to play it upon launch.

This is has been particularly the case for current-generation users, including those on PlayStation 4 (PS4). Because of how much new content and features next-generation players are exposed to with the arrival of new sports games, current-gen users sometimes worry that they will be left out of being able to participate in the new experience.

With that said, will this apply for MLB The Show 23? Not to fret! We provide the answer for you down below on whether The Show 23 will be available for PS4 players.

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Will MLB The Show 23 Be On PS4?

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The answer is yes! The Show 23 is going to be featured on both the PS4 and the PS5. This news was confirmed by The Show via their cover athlete press release, where they highlight that PlayStation 4 will be one of the consoles that will allow you to play their new game.

The Show was originally a game that was only featured on PlayStation, before becoming cross platform in 2021 where it allowed the likes of Xbox and Nintendo Switch to join in on the fun.

Despite the cross platform change, the PlayStation community has nothing to worry about. After all, the franchise is published and developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Is MLB The Show 23 On PS4 – FAQ

How much is MLB The Show 23 for PS4?

The Standard Edition of The Show 23 will cost PS4 players $59.99 USD / $69.99 CAD. You can check all the other editions and prices here.

Is there a difference between MLB The Show on PS4 and PS5?

Yes there is – but it’s not a drastic difference. MLB The Show provides significantly better graphics, gameplay performance, and also caters an exclusive Stadium Creator feature for PS5 players only.

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