Infected will be returning as part of MW2 Season 2

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Infinity Ward has finally confirmed the return of Infected to MW2, a fan-favorite game mode that features survivors fighting to stay alive against zombie-like beings.

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Ever since its initial introduction in MW3, the casual match offering has steadily gained popularity thanks to its enjoyable gameplay and the quick nature of its matches. Now that its return has finally been announced, the dissatisfied player base couldn’t be more excited for the arrival of Season 2.

Surprisingly enough, the confirmation of the game mode’s inclusion came in the form of a short, one-sentence post from Infinity Ward. Player responses under the announcement were naturally positive as the community had long been pleading for the addition of a new match offering to multiplayer.

The MW2 subreddit has similarly been rejoicing with the news of Infected’s incorporation into the game’s second season. Commenters under a recent thread are celebrating the fact that the developers are finally giving Multiplayer the attention that it deserves.

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One user in particular is commending Infinity Ward for their recent improvement at communicating upcoming changes. Others, however, aren’t as happy and are instead asking for more additions such as the reintroduction of Gun Game and Prop Hunt.

Although this is still a small drop in an ocean of missing content, numerous bugs, and unaddressed errors, it’s still a step in the right direction for a title that has been taking it in the shins recently. Only time will tell if they can keep it up, but the recent influx of popular features is winning over a portion of the player base so far.

MW2 Season 2 is set to release on February 15 so players will only have to wait a few more days before they can experience the excitement of Infected once again.

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