How to get money fast in Warzone 2

How to get money fast in Warzone 2
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Warzone 2 gives its players plenty of opportunities to acquire a decent loadout. The most typical ways consist of looting surrounding structures or picking it up from defeated operators.

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However, there is another way that you can obtain weapons and various items and this is through Buy Stations. Before you can purchase through these stations, though, you’ll need to collect a certain amount of money. Here’s how you can make cash in Warzone 2.

How to Make Money fast in Warzone 2 – bounty contracts

Cash can be found scattered across the sprawling Al Mazrah map, but the quickest way to make money in Warzone 2 is by accepting and accomplishing contracts.

Bounty contracts in particular usually give out the largest sum of money at $5000. But in order to claim the reward, you’ll have to hunt down and kill a certain operator at a specified area. This is by no means an easy feat, hence why the reward is so high.

The enemy will get a threat level indicator on their screen, so they’ll know when you’re close. Make sure you have plenty of armour plates and remember, if they avert the bounty, the will be rewarded, so you’ll be likely dealing with a target on the run.

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If you want cash but don’t want too much resistance, you can take on Safecracker contracts. These are far easier to accomplish as you’ll be dealing with AI instead of real players.

Once a contract is accepted, three locations near your vicinity will be marked on your map by a Safe symbol.

You will need to open all three to complete it which will then give you bonus money in addition to the amount already collected from the vaults.

You’ll also be able to gather cash by looting supply crates, lockers, and cash registers. Though these containers don’t reward the same amount of money that contracts do, they can still be lucrative sources of in-game currency as they can be found almost everywhere.

To maximise your chances, make sure you’re dropping in areas with plenty of buildings to explore. You can find out the best landing spots in Warzone 2 right here

Last but not least, you can also take cash from other operators once you’ve beaten them in combat. However, this can be one of the more difficult methods in acquiring money because the risk you would be taking is often not worth the reward.

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