Warzone 2 Map – size, POIs and everything you need to know about Al Mazrah

Warzone 2 Map – size, POIs and everything you need to know about Al Mazrah
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Warzone 2 features the biggest map in the series’ history. It’s called Al Mazrah and it’s arguably the most varied and rich map we’ve seen in a Warzone game.

Al Mazrah offers players a brand new dangerous playground, new vehicles, and features more than a couple of nods to Modern Warfare titles of the past in the form of POIs.

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Now that Call of Duty’s Warzone 2 has been out for some time, we’ve got a real sense of what’s on offer in Al Mazrah, which is what we go through below.

Here, we cover everything from the Warzone 2 map’s size, all the way down to specific points of interest (POIs), the new Gulag and Jailer mechanic, before wrapping up with AI Strongholds.

If you’re already familiar with Al Mazrah, make sure to check out our best landing spots in Warzone 2.

Warzone 2’s map, named Al Mazrah, is the largest yet seen in the series

Warzone 2 Map Size

Al Mazrah is the largest map yet in the series and offers a very different setting to the tropical paradise, Caldera, and the grey and bleak Verdansk.

There are already some unofficial approximations that point to around a 10% increase in map size on Caldera, and a circa 15% increase when put against the first Warzone map, Verdansk. This increase is most notable in the outer areas of the Al Mazrah map.

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Some of the Ground War maps have also been combined together to make the larger playground for Warzone’s Battle Royale and DMZ modes.

Warzone 2 Map POIs

Warzone 2 sees Al Mazrah, just like Caldera and Verdansk, broken down into different regions, which can be reached either on foot or via one of Warzone 2’s vehicles.

As highlighted earlier, some of these regions are lifted from previous Call of Duty games. These are:

  • Quarry (Modern Warfare 2, 2009)
  • Highrise / Al Mazrah City (Modern Warfare 2, 2009)
  • Terminal (Modern Warfare 2, 2009)
  • Dome (Modern Warfare 2, 2011)

There are 18 POIs in total in Al Mazrah – which we have highlighted below.


  • Stunning oasis featuring several pools of fresh water and palm trees. Ancient ruins also feature, pointing to Al Mazrah’s history.


  • One of the three largest industrial areas in Al Mazrah, with massive deposits of limestone and huge warehouses for close-quarters combat.


  • A deep network of underground hideouts lies in plain sight of a small village.

Al Sharim Pass

  • An old monastery and mausoleum overlook a modern village and zoo. Overlooks a built-up metropolis which makes for a stark contrast.


  • The gateway to Al Mazrah and its economic heartbeat. Several warehouses, cranes and ships feature here.


  • A monument to the fallen, a significant graveyard is now mostly derelict and unkempt.

Sariff Bay

  • A few small island a vibrant downtown section make up the vast Bay area.

Al Bagra Fortress

  • Stunning landmark which is of particular significance to Al Mazrah. As beautiful as it is fortified.

Rohan Oil

  • One of the largest and oldest oil companies in the region. Living quarters are nearby for those who need shelter.


  • Stunning structure on top of a hill, with several research facilities surrounding it.

Ahkdar Village

  • A stunning old town with a world heritage site and apartments to the east.

Al Mazrah City

  • High rises and modern buildings make for a stark contrast to the ancient POIs and flooded communities scattered around Al Mazrah.


  • Once the home of the ambitious River Diamond Luxury Resort in the 20th century, that has now been completed flooded.


  • Another gateway to Al Mazrah, catering to both business and holidaymakers. Expect the Terminal to get busy.

Sa’id City

  • A small stadium and carnival feature amongst apartment blocks. Perfect for a sniper.

Sawah Village

  • Another area hit by rising sea levels. Once a stunning community, now an area perfect for duals.

Taraq Village

  • Small community reduced to rubble. Intense firefights await you. Keep an eye on the windows.


  • A step towards the Al Mazrah of tomorrow, with renewable energy making its mark on the region. Plenty of tight walkways and vast expanses.

Warzone 2.0 New Gulag

As with the main map, the Gulag too has had an overhaul. As well as a new multi-level arena this time you’ll be in a 2v2 battle as you fight for the right to redeploy.

In addition, there’s also an AI combatant in the Gulag known as The Jailer who’ll also be roaming the center of the map and wields a mini-gun.

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As a new twist, you can actually team up with your opponents and attempt to take the jailer down. If you’re successful, you can steal his key and all four of you will escape that way.

Moreover, if all players team up to take out The Jailer, everyone will be able to re-deploy. Any gear you loot while in the Gulag will also come with you when you redeploy into the map proper.

It’s worth noting that the community is still getting used to this mechanic – with most Gulag battles ending with one team killing the other. In time, though, and thanks to proximity chat, we could well see the Jailer taken down more often than not.

Hopefully then, that gives you a good leg-up on the competition and all the intel you need in order to make the most of the new map and come out with a win.

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Warzone 2.0 AI Strongholds

A unique new aspect of Warzone 2 that will be fun for fans to try out and engage in, is that of AI Strongholds that will be scattered across Al Mazrah.

These strongholds will be heavily guarded by AI combatants that will come with a variety of different features as well as tactic responses depending how you choose to engage their complex.

Should you break through and takeout the AI stronghold enemies, you will have a set of impressive loot awaiting for you inside, which will include a rare item that allows you to redeem one of your customized Gunsmith weapons at The Shop for free.

That said, pursuing AI stongholds can cause quite the ruckus, and if players aren’t careful, can attract nearby enemies. Whether you want to engage these strongholds or not, will come down to your strategy and how you feel you and your team can succeed on Al Mazrah.

Warzone 2 is out now. It’s free to play on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Warzone 2 map FAQ

What is Warzone 2’s map called?

The Warzone 2 map is called Al Mazrah.

Is Al Mazrah bigger than Verdansk?

Yes. We estimate a circa 15% increase when put against the first Warzone map, Verdansk, in terms of size.