Helldivers 2 weapon rebalancing to get massive buff with studio’s new Chief Creative Officer

Helldivers 2 weapon rebalancing to get massive buff with studio’s new Chief Creative Officer
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If you’ve been playing Arrowhead Game Studios hit shooter Helldivers 2 since launch, you may have been keeping up to date with the latest events surrounding the game. Recently, Johan Pilestedt, AGS’s former CEO, transitioned to the role of Chief Creative Officer, giving him more room to focus on, well, the creative side of Helldivers 2. And, based on one Twitter/X post following his appointment as CCO, Pilestedt will be paying more attention to one in-game aspect, in particular: weapon rebalancing.

Since opening day, several Helldivers 2 weapons have received significant reworks in each patch, with some earning more praise than others. Over on Reddit, however, the consensus has largely been negative, with players constantly calling out developer AGS for constantly “nerfing everything.” Weapon buffs, on the other hand, have consistently been labeled “meaningless and inconsequential,” with the hits each gun takes outweighing the supposed improvements provided.

It’s also worth noting that Pilestedt mentioned the game’s TTK as “being too high,” which means significant changes are likely on the horizon for weapon damage, armor penetration, and rate of fire. As an avid assault rifle/SMG user myself, this is one improvement I’m particularly looking forward to, especially against the frustratingly beefy Automatons.

Now, since Pilestedt was only recently appointed as Chief Creative Officer and the first patch under his watchful eye yet to drop, the jury remains out on whether he can turn things around on the weapon rebalancing front. But with the former studio CEO/producer/lead designer taking a more hands-on approach with the game and community, it can only mean good things for the future of Helldivers 2 in general.

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