Helldivers 2 PSA: Don’t do this or you will lose your Samples

Helldivers 2 PSA: Don’t do this or you will lose your Samples
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Helldivers 2 has its share of funny moments, and many of them are unintentional. These are often due to glitches, with some ruining missions completely and some just being entertaining to see happen before our eyes. One player has encountered a glitch that must have been very surprising to see.

A Helldivers 2 soldier stands with extended arms in a field, facing a large explosion with debris flying in the air.
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U/cKerensky took to Reddit to share an amusing story that happened during a recent game, which caused them to lose all of their Samples.

“We just finished up a hard-fought mission, 40 Samples we dropped on the evac point.
I dropped a shield generator purposefully away from the Samples, so they’d still be inside of the radius.

That was a fatal mistake. Once the generator deployed, it proceeded to yeet the Samples across the map at a speed that would make Eagle-1 Blush.”

Even though the story is supposed to be a warning to others, I must admit I do want to try this to see what yeeting Samples across the map looks like. The Shield Generator does have its fair share of issues and this looks to be another that needs addressing.

The Shield pack has its share of uses that can make it a viable Stratagem to carry. One of its uses is to protect a Hellbomb while waiting for it to detonate. Enemies can destroy it by attacking it, which will prevent it from exploding. The Shield pack blocks these attacks as it creates a bubble around anything inside of it for a set amount of time, which is much longer than the time needed for the Hellbomb to explode.

To make sure you don’t find yourself in this position in the future, we highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guides so you can be in the best position to take down the Automatons and Terminids and yeet them from existence rather than your Samples.