Helldivers 2 players try to explain the lore of the game

Helldivers 2 players try to explain the lore of the game
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Sometimes it can be difficult to know why a creature is trying to kill its enemy. Is it a predator? Is it in their nature? Or do they have beef with each other? These are questions that the Helldivers 2 community is wondering when it comes to the giant bugs threatening the human race. Why do they want to kill us?

A Reddit post, which currently has over 12,000 upvotes, has people trying to answer the question of why they hate democracy. And are they simply stupid? U/Error3000 points out that “they are wearing their skeletons backward, do you know anyone smart that does that?” It is hard to argue with that logic.

U/Azeeti shared some information regarding the lore of the first game. In Helldivers 1 “it was stated we are farming the bugs for fuel source and the reason they are invading is because they broke out of their enclosures/we have their hive minds captives.”

Helldivers 2 black screen - An image of a player fighting a Terminid in the game.
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Understandably, most Helldivers 2 players don’t know the lore of the first game as it only reached a fraction of the popularity the second game has, peaking at less than 7,000 concurrent players on Steam, which is less than 1.5% of the peak concurrent players Helldivers 2 has seen on Steam alone.

Taking the lore of the first game into account, it is understandable that the bugs dislike humans, it could be argued that in this instance it is the player that is the villain as we were killing the creatures for our own gain.

But, as with many insect creatures, their primary objective is the preservation of their species so any other species that is perceived as being a threat is one they will want to eliminate to survive. With Helldivers 2 being much more popular than the first game, the lore will likely be expanded upon and possibly even retold to bring players up to date with why they are fighting the battles they currently are as Arrowhead Game Studios seems very focused on the story aspect of the game.

The latest community event will see permanent changes to the game upon completion on March 19, as players look to eradicate the Terminids by activating the Terminid Control Systems on various planets. To have the best chance at succeeding, we recommend checking out our guides on the best weapons and best armor in Helldivers 2.