Helldivers 2 players say the Quasar Cannon is the “best weapon in the game”

Helldivers 2 players say the Quasar Cannon is the “best weapon in the game”
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Earlier this week, Arrowhead Game Studios added two new weapons to Helldivers 2, the Quasar Cannon and Heavy Machine Gun. The Heavy Machine Gun hasn’t been a hit with players so far, but the same can’t be said for the Quasar Cannon. Despite it being early days, the Quasar Cannon has been well received by players and it looks like it could become one of the best weapons added to the game in some time.

U/The_Bored_Goat on Reddit made a review post of the new Quasar Cannon which was recently added to the game alongside the Heavy Machine Gun, which has incredibly high recoil, making it unviable as a weapon to add to the Helldivers 2 meta. On the other hand, some players are calling the new Quasar Cannon the “best weapon in the game.” In the Reddit post, u/The_Bored_Goat compared the Quasar Cannon to the EAT but with infinite ammo. The Quasar Cannon also performs “just as well as the EAT damage-wise, doesn’t have a reload animation, and has infinite range,” When it comes to damage out, it can kill a Hulk in two body shots, and a Bile Titan with one head shot, as well as being able to take down Chargers and Bruisers with one body shot. The only downside to the Quasar Cannon is that its cooldown takes slightly longer than the recoilless rifle. The Reddit users finished their post by saying that the Quasar Cannon is “such a democratic weapon it makes me cry.” 

Two futuristic weapons depicted with labels: "las-99 quasar cannon" and "mg-101 heavy machine gun from Helldivers 2.
Image via Arrowhead Game Studios

Other Reddit users took to the comments to praise the Quasar Cannon, with u/J_Hawker27 giving a detailed testing review of the weapon, listing all that it can do when on the battlefield. In addition to the findings that u/The_Bored_Goat already listed, the Quasar Cannon can also;

  • It has splash damage, which can also take you out if you’re not careful)
  • It has a 10-second cooldown
  • Its cooldown isn’t affected by cold weather
  • Two-shot Shrieker nests
  • It can one-shot Warriors, Hive Guardians, Nursing Bile Spewers, Green Bile Spewers, and Brood Commanders
  • It can destroy Automaton fabricators if shot into the vents
  • The Quasar Cannon can destroy bug nest holes, illegal broadcast towers, and cache doors. However, it can’t destroy rogue research station buildings
  • It doesn’t have armor penetration

U/Calibrono also noted that it can destroy map objective dropships, which makes this a very viable weapon when completing these types of missions as this should make them much easier to complete without becoming overwhelmed by enemies. 

Although it is early days, it looks as if the Quasar Cannon could become an essential part of the Helldivers 2 meta going forward, but you will also need to bring other weapons and armor with you to eradicate every Terminid and Automaton that stands in your way. We highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guide so you have the best chance at saving Super Earth from destruction.