Helldivers 2 players say devs need to stop only posting important details in Discord and Reddit

Helldivers 2 players say devs need to stop only posting important details in Discord and Reddit
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The difference between success and failure in Helldivers 2 can come down to communication, whether this is with teams in the mission, or by the developers themselves. The latest Major Order calls for players to defend 10 planets at the same, making it one of the largest tasks seen in the game so far. When it comes to defending multiple planets, strategy is key and players need to work together effectively to liberate the correct planets first. Unfortunately, this rarely happens and it can make them more difficult to complete, however, players may be able to be on the same page if Arrowhead Game Studios communicated with its players in-game rather than in more niche areas such as Discord servers and the official sub-Reddit.

U/This-Examination5165 took to Reddit to discuss the fact that much of Arrowhead Game Studios’ communication with the community is done via Discord and sometimes on Reddit, rather than more accessible channels such as in the game itself. Many of the more hardcore players do frequent these, but for the casual audience that just plays the game sparingly and in between other titles, many important details are never relayed to them, especially when it comes to important events such as the Major Orders. The Reddit user would say,

“So we all know that In the official Discord server they said that if we liberated Martale we would have gotten the defense for Charon Prime & Marfark all at once but for whatever reason, half of the player base remained on other planets instead of liberating Martale which I am pretty sure peaked at a 97% or 94% liberation for TWO full days. Like WHY are people defending planets that only had 1 hour left when we could have all liberated Martale in less than 1 hour.”

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This is something that has been widely discussed in the past, for the Helldivers 2 community to be successful with some Major Orders it requires coordination from the entire player base, but only a small amount of them receive the information on how to effectively tackle the Major Order. Continuing, the Reddit user would conclude the post by saying,

“The devs seriously have to post these sorts of things in-game instead of the Discord server because a lot of people don’t really use it for their own personal reasons and now it backfired as it seems most of the player base went uninformed about what would happen if we liberated Martale.”

Other users agreed with this, including u/Sea_Zone9382 who said,

“The biggest problem is that there is no direct line of communication and we apparently can’t coordinate to either attack or defend a planet on either front to save our souls. That’s honestly why we fail at times. If we had that communication and the ability to coordinate properly we would truly be unstoppable.”

With Arrowhead Game Studios including so much strategy into its Major Orders and there being more to it than just shooting as many enemies as possible, it would be best if they increased communication to more casual players. But, until that happens, all you can do is make sure you’re in the best position for success. To do this, we highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guide so you and your squad can do your bit to bring democracy to the galaxy.