Helldivers 2 players fail to unlock the Anti-Tank Mines and now millions of civilians must be conscripted

Helldivers 2 players fail to unlock the Anti-Tank Mines and now millions of civilians must be conscripted
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The Anti-Tank Mines were first revealed during a recent Major Order that saw players choose between them and the Airburst Rocket Launcher. Despite being a Stratagem that most players never use, the Airburst Rocket Launcher won and was promptly added to Helldivers 2. The Anti-Tank Mines were offered to the Helldivers once again with the most recent Major Order, which called for the extermination of 2 billion Automatons. However, players were unable to complete this.

But, we must look onwards and upwards as the Galactic War continues, and Super Earth is now looking to bring more Helldivers onto the front lines as the new Major Order will see millions of civilians be trained for active duty.

A game screen titled "Galactic War" shows a mission failure summary. The text details the botched decommissioning of "Hellknights," causing an order delay. Fans of Helldivers 2 will notice familiar challenges. A "CONTINUE" button is at the bottom.
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Following the conclusion of the most recent Major Order, it was revealed that we failed in our efforts to eradicate 2 billion Automatons. Unfortunately, players only reached 78% of the target, which is likely due to the majority of players still favoring the Terminids. This is the second loss that the community has taken in a row. Once the event ended, a new message appeared on the screen that revealed that the Anti-Tank Mines would once again be delayed, but it does look like we will have another chance to unlock them in the future. It looks like Arrowhead Game Studios is desperate to not let its hard work go to waste.

“Despite the best efforts of the Helldivers to decommission as many Automatons as possible, our scrap recollection efforts ultimately fell short. Now, industrious laborers, eager to do their part, find themselves without materials to forge into the tools of Liberty. And therefore, without purposes or pay. Construction of MD-17 Anti-Tank Mines will be, once again, delayed. Eventually, these weapons will reach the hands of the Helldivers, and the bodies of our enemies. But not today.”

A game screen titled "Galactic War" resembling the style of Helldivers 2 shows a briefing about the Automatons invading territory. Text with mission objectives and character stats are displayed at the bottom. Options for 'Back' and 'Continue' are available.
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But, all is not lost as it is time to jump into the next Major Order, which will see players defend four planets, two in the Automaton sectors and two in the Terminid sectors. This will allow Super Earth to train millions of civilians to join the Galactic War. The following message appeared in-game to announce the next Major Order and further the story,

“The Automatons have invaded large swaths of our territory. The TCS has failed, and the Meridian Supercolony spews ever-larger quantities of Terminids across the galaxy. Liberty is under greater threat than ever before. In response to this situation, the Government of Super Earth had officially declared war on all agents of Tyranny. All actions thus far have merely been special military operations. This Galactic War on Tyranny will not end until Liberty is safe forever, once again.

Mobilization across all sectors of the industry and economy has begun. Billions of able-bodied citizens from across the Federation have already volunteered for conscription. To train these eager new conscripts, construction of massive new training facilities has begun on a small number of lightly-populated planets. They will be capable of processing tens of millions of citizens at once through the rigorous 72-hour SEAF basic training course. The Helldivers must hold the planet until construction of the facilities can be completed.”

Screenshot of the Helldivers 2 interface showing a "Major Order" task with goals and a countdown timer. The player's stats including points, level, and resources are displayed at the top.
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With these four planets being defended, two show as 100% liberated despite the Major Order just beginning, but this will soon change so the community needs to make sure it doesn’t rest on its laurels and ensure both the Automaton and Terminids are under our control. Super Earth has taken two losses in a row when it comes to Major Orders so it would be embarrassing to make this the third L we take.

To ensure that doesn’t happen, the Helldivers need to come together and work to keep all four planets under Super Earth’s control. We highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guide, especially with the Polar Patriots Warbond recently being released, so you can build the perfect loadout to eradicate the Automatons and Terminids.