Helldivers 2 player suggests planet modifer buffs that make a lot of sense

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To keep things interesting in Helldivers 2, many planets have modifiers that alter the terrain around you. These can range from ion storms that send electrical current throughout the map, to fire tornadoes that make your path inaccessible, as well as giving you another thing to dodge and move around, those tornadoes have cost me more respawns than I care to admit. But, these modifiers are always negative towards the player, but what if they could provide value and be another part of your strategy when it comes to what loadout you carry?

Helldiver in a spacesuit standing near a volcanic eruption with lava spewing upwards, surrounded by rocky terrain under a reddish sky.
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U/xRoadToDawn took to Reddit to discuss modifiers on planets, such as the fire tornadoes on Hellmire. In the post, they give suggestions on how these could positively and negatively impact weapons saying,

“What if Ion Storms provided specific benefits to arc weapons? Visually and thematically it feels like a fit and would provide some benefit while losing strategem use. What if the blitzers range got doubled during storms? What if the Arc Thrower could arc to more enemies, or its damage got put on a 1.5-2x multiplier due to the electricity interacting with the surplus of ions in the air? What if they could fire faster?”

This makes a lot of sense and it would be great to see. The modifiers on the planets so far have negatively impacted players, so having them also be able to be positive would be a great move by the developers. Another possibility could be using weapons such as the Arc Thrower on water which will conduct the electricity. Another option could be to harness the heat from the fire tornadoes to increase the damage of your own fire weapons such as the Flamethrower.

Small details like this could add a new layer of strategy both from an offensive and defensive standpoint. There will be various other modifiers that could be created and it would be interesting to see how the developers approach future planets with this in mind, it could create some very interesting modifiers. 
With over 200 planets still inaccessible in the galaxy, with some about to be the home of The Illuminate, it will be interesting to see how they are made to be unique. But for now, we must focus on the accessible planets, which the Automatons and Terminids occupy. To ensure victory for Super Earth, we highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guide so you and your team can optimize your loadouts to serve Liber-tea.

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