Helldivers 2 player shares new concept for defense missions

Helldivers 2 player shares new concept for defense missions
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After spending the past two months eradicating the Automatons and Terminids from dozens of planets, they are now out for revenge. Since Helldivers 2 launched, the Major Orders have largely revolved around taking over planet in the name of democracy. But, the current Major Order has players defending three different planets from the Automatons so they can’t regain control. These missions are a fun change of pace from the more traditional missions we’ve seen so far, but one player has some suggestions for new mission types that make a lot of sense for the game. 

The current Major Order defense missions see players dropped into a small battlefield and are tasked with killing a set amount of Automatons in order to trigger the extraction ship to land. As you eliminate more enemies the horde gets more difficult with stronger enemies and more of them being on the map. But, a player took to Reddit to suggest some changes that could be made to make the missions feel like true defense missions. 

U/Any-Fig5750 took to Reddit to suggest that the defense missions be altered to feel like your team are standing their ground to keep the base fortified and prevent it from being overrun by Automatons and Terminids. This could be done by including “SEAF forces, fortifications, artillery and turrets,” turning it into more of a tower defense horde mode. U/YippieKayya likened it to “D-Day Normandy landings on the defense planets, except Im the guy with the mounted MG,” which sounds like it would be a fun change of pace, especially as players are currently finding these defense missions incredibly difficult and some are unable to defeat them at difficulties above level 5

With only two small sections of the universe being included in the game so far, there will be many new threats coming to Helldivers 2 in the future, along with plenty of planets to liberate and defend, so it is possible that Arrowhead Game Studios will look at creating new mission types to keep the game fresh for many years to come. 

Helldivers 2 is still in its infancy, and with regular updates ane changes, including the recently released 01.000.200 patch, Arrowhead Game Studios are hard at work with keeping Helldivers 2 engaged, which has led to over eight million sales and over 200,000 concurrent players. Now is a great time to join the fight to liberate the universe, to do this we highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guide so you can find your footing and become a key component to your team.