Helldivers 2 CEO reassures players that its Game Master can help with new equipment

Helldivers 2 CEO reassures players that its Game Master can help with new equipment
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Helldivers 2’s Game Master has been scheming behind the scenes as players battled it out against Terminid and Automaton hordes. After losing Malevelon Creek, they’re ready to return the favor. While the player base was wary of Game Master Joel’s role, the CEO has since clarified what they can influence and what remains in the hands of players.

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Helldivers 2 CEO notes that the Game Master can buff player efforts too

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Helldivers 2 CEO Johan Pilestedt detailed that the role of the Game Master is ‘to choose which major order takes place, what daily is active and decide where the enemies attack.’ This keeps the game interesting and lets the Galactic War play out in real time, with foes adapting to offensive or defensive strategies. He was quick to recognize the efforts of the players with ‘The war fought and liberation of planets – that’s all you!’

But what he mentioned next surprised players. ‘We can also reinforce planets if needed and give temporary equipment to the entire community!’ stated Pilestedt. This might be why some players have got access to new military tech like mechs packing rocket launchers. According to YouTuber TCMF2, gamers can also expect other weapons like an ‘energy RPG, a meteorite that hits like the nuke, a group of helldivers you can call in to support you (npcs), and more’.

Pilestedt also teased stealth upgrades in Helldivers 2 and this might just be how players will receive them. It’s an interesting means of dropping new equipment and mechanics into the game. As the Galactic War unfolds, players will also be able to get more Warbond reward passes that will unlock new weapons and gear. In other news, buffs are on the way in Helldivers 2 and the old infinite stratagem glitch is out of commission.