Helldivers 2 manager promises buffs to balance weak guns

Helldivers 2 manager promises buffs to balance weak guns
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Helldivers 2 players have been clamoring for weapon buffs against the Terminids and Automatons. Having just lost Malevelon Creek, they’re ready to take the fight back to Super Earth’s threats. And now, a new comment from the Helldivers 2 team offers a glimmer of hope for its players.

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Helldivers 2 community manager notes they are working on buffs and balance changes

In a message sent to user Dean_38 (shared on Reddit), community manager Katherine “Baskinator” Baskin confirms that ‘We are working on that for an update’ when asked about a balance patch. This would improve the effectiveness of weaker weapons in the game. For instance, while the flamethrower is flashy and can char enemies to a crisp, it’s not effective at higher Helldivers 2 difficulty settings. Meanwhile, user BULL3TRP4RK notes that the Breaker shotgun ‘puts basically every other gun to shame.’

Players also hope that the currently inactive armor ratings are fixed as well. User tikipunch4 hopes to ‘stand toe to toe and shrug off damage to make the movement penalty actually worth it.’ While light Armor nets movement bonuses, heavy Armor is slowed without an appropriate increase in durability. Now that the Helldivers 2 server issues have been resolved, expect Arrowhead Game Studios to devote their full attention to improving the game.

With weapon buffs on the horizon, you’ll be able to take down pesky Chargers and Bile Titans more effectively. You won’t have to rely on meta loadouts to knock down enemy hordes. This would also apply to Automaton foes like Hulks and Devastators. For more on the game, check if Helldivers 2 has classes and its best ship modules.