Helldivers 2 fans praise the game for not having upcoming plans leaked in advance

Helldivers 2 fans praise the game for not having upcoming plans leaked in advance
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Helldivers 2 seemingly appeared out of nowhere, with the first game flying under most gamer’s radar before this latest game suddenly gained a lot of attention and is now one of the hottest games of 2024. This is due to its innovative take on the genre and fresh content that has continuously evolved the story and gameplay even though the game is only a month old. The narrative is already moving forward at a rapid pace which keeps players coming back. This effort by Arrowhead Game Studios hasn’t gone unnoticed by the community and has been praised by many online.

Fans praise Helldivers 2

A Reddit post by u/MightyOrganicGnome has gained a lot of attention and traction in just a few hours, with almost 4,000 upvotes and over 200 comments at the time of writing. The post praises the Helldivers 2 developers, Arrowhead Game Studios, for releasing new features without any warning or having them leaked by data miners. This comes following the addition of the Shriekers which weren’t mentioned in the patch notes and just suddenly appeared in the game and took players by surprise. In the Reddit post, u/MightyOrganicGnome notes that many of the recent additions to Helldivers 2 have been hinted at and hiding in plain sight, but still came as a surprise. “It’s very refreshing to have stuff like mechs laying around being a hint at a future feature, or like the flying bugs on the cover of the game a sneak peek on a future enemy.” This seems like just the beginning for what the developers have planned as new reports hint at Hive Lords corpses returning from the original Helldivers game.

Other players praised the developers in the post while also speculating as to what’s next for the game, with u/CorballyGames predicting that “we’re going to mutate the bugs with the TCS,” which signs are pointing to this Terminid Control System event won’t mark the end of the Terminid this early into the game and there will likely be an unexpected plot twist when the latest Major Order concludes on March 19.

Whether you’re new to the game or have been fighting for Super-Earth since the very beginning, these spontaneous changes will keep you on your toes, so being prepared is key. We highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons and best armor guides so you can be prepared to fight whatever the game throws at you next.