Helldivers 2 fans, look out for Sony’s new exciting multiplayer game for PS5 & PC

Helldivers 2 fans, look out for Sony’s new exciting multiplayer game for PS5 & PC
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Aside from just being a really fun game to play with friends, Helldivers 2 has also been a huge success for Sony. This is thanks to its multiplayer format along with it simultaneously launching on both PS5 and PC at release. It’s quickly become one of the biggest ever PlayStation exclusives, and Sony will be hoping the magic of Helldivers 2 is replicated later this year with the release of their other new and exciting multiplayer game for PS5 and PC, Concord.

The Helldivers 2 player count has started to slowly decline, and fans are hoping that the dwindling player count will speed up the arrival of the Illuminate alien race. As for why soldiers are slowly leaving Super Earth’s army, it’s presumably because patches are purposefully less frequent. Arrowhead has teased the “next big patch” for the game, but right now updates are purposefully less frequent so the developer can better test balance changes for weapons.

There is plenty of new content to anticipate for the future such as monthly warbonds and the eventual arrival of the Illuminate, but, understandably, after three months since release some people are starting to become jaded with playing the same game. Fortunately, if you’re looking for another dopamine rush of multiplayer action from Sony, there will be the treat of Concord later this year for both PS5 and PC.

Helldivers 2 fans should look out for Concord

Helldivers 2 fans should keep an eye out for Sony’s other multiplayer exclusive coming to PS5 and PC later this year. The game is called Concord, and it was first revealed in May 2023.

According to reliable leaker Billbil_kun via dealabs, Sony is soon set to reveal first ever gameplay. There are heavy rumors of a PlayStation Showcase happening before the end of May, so the reveal would presumably happen during said event assuming the rumors are true. Billbil_kun isn’t able to confirm a PlayStation Showcase happening this month, but they estimate the Concord gameplay reveal “will take place within 15 days”.

This makes sense as, even if there is no PlayStation Showcase this month, there is Summer Game Fest taking place in June. As for what the reveal will involve, Billbil_kun says the “announcement is expected to feature at least some of the player characters in the game with a preview of the gameplay”.

Billbil_kun has likened the game to the universe of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. This kind of makes sense judging by the announcement trailer alone. It’s only less than a minute long, but it immediately screams character and personality by showing the interior of a messy and colorful spaceship.

In the PlayStation Blog post for the game’s announcement, it’s stated that Concord is a PvP FPS. Ryan Ellis, Game Director at Firewalk Studios, said the aim of the game is to bring together lots of people. Below is the short description of Concord provided by the game director:

“Concord is a bringing together of peoples. The Firewalk team is driven by the type of exciting, unexpected moments and shared experiences that multiplayer games create. Every time you log on is the beginning of a new adventure and every match is an opportunity for a new story. It’s these ideals that define Concord, its unique universe of vibrant worlds, and its rich cast of colorful characters.”

There’s not much known about the game right now as Sony has remained tight-lipped for a full year. However, it is scheduled to come out this year, and we’re very interested in seeing first ever gameplay. Replicating the success of Helldivers 2 will be very difficult, but it could be another successful PlayStation experience that encourages Sony to release more PS5 exclusives simultaneously onto PC from day one.

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