PlayStation Showcase May 2024 date seemingly leaked – here’s exciting rumors for the event

PlayStation Showcase May 2024 date seemingly leaked – here’s exciting rumors for the event
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PlayStation gamers have had a good year so far thanks to some great PS5 console exclusives. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is arguably the best game of the year so far from a quality perspective, Stellar Blade was stellar, and Helldivers 2 has been a huge success for Sony across both console and PC. While we’ve been very fortunate so far, the PlayStation May 2024 Showcase date has seemingly leaked, and there is a lot of exciting rumors for what will be shown off and revealed at the upcoming event.

Aside from this rumored showcase, we also have the reveal of the PS Plus June 2024 games to anticipate. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but leaks point to some big additions for Premium subscribers. There’s also the imminent release date for the revival of MultiVersus, and teasers have now emerged for Call of Duty Black Ops 6 ahead of Microsoft’s Xbox showcase happening in June.

While the impending new PS Plus giveaways are exciting, it’s also believed that we are getting a new Days of Play sale starting next week. To make next week even more special, it’s heavily rumored that Sony will be conducting a PlayStation Showcase before May 2024 ends.

Leaked PlayStation May 2024 Showcase date

The possibly leaked date for the rumored PlayStation May 2024 showcase is May 28th. This comes courtesy of Xbox Era co-founder, Shpeshal_Nick, on Twitter. It’s mentioned by Nick that it should be around this date presumably meaning it could land on May 29th instead depending on your time zone.

Last year’s event happened on May 23rd which was a Wednesday. Meanwhile, the last State of Play event happened on September 14th which was a Thursday. Exhibitions from Sony typically take place on either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, so if an event is going to happen this month it needs to happen next week.

It’s important to affirm that Sony has not confirmed an event for this month. Rumors of a PlayStation May 2024 showcase first started with gaming industry insider, Jeff Grubb, reporting about the event in April with the belief that Silent Hill 2 will feature.

Since Grubb’s report, there has been non-stop speculation, but nothing has been made official as of writing. In addition to the above rumors, there’s also the leak of a Days of Play sale starting on May 29th courtesy of dealabs reliable leaker Billbil_kun. Many believe that this sale will coincide with Sony’s rumored event for this month.

What could be at the event

While it’s not confirmed that the event will happen, there are some leaks and rumors for what could be shown off at the PlayStation May 2024 showcase. The number one is Silent Hill 2 as this was mentioned by Jeff Grubb in his first leak.

Silent Hill 2 is a PS5 console exclusive still set to come out this year, so it’s possible we could get a trailer and release date. Aside from Silent Hill 2, details have leaked online for a LEGO Horizon video game. The reveal trailer is apparently done according to reliable leaker Tom Henderson for Insider Gaming, and it’s reportedly a fully built LEGO game called Horizon Adventures.

Sony has been massively profiting off PC lately with Helldivers 2 and Ghost of Tsushima, and there are heavy rumors that God of War Ragnarok is coming to Steam. This rumor again stems from reliable leaker Billbil_kun who suspects that an announcement will happen this month.

This is all that has really been leaked and rumored so far. Assuming a PlayStation May 2024 showcase does happen, there’s even more that will likely unfold. We still have the Until Dawn remake coming out this year, and there’s also Sony’s PvP FPS multiplayer exclusive, Concord.